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i don't wanna

Saturday, July 06, 2013

or maybe more accurately, i don't feel like it. it being sitting and executing enough consecutive thoughts to constitute a proper blog. With proper punctuation. So this is not that post, it's just a series of randomness remarked upon while watching the last 20 minutes of the USMNT finish off Guatemala in a concacaf gold cup qualifier. Either that makes sense to you, or you need to watch more soccer.

Ears are happy this week. Went to watch King's X play Sunday, and that was interesting...and different. Doug Pinnick was going in for hernia surgery the very next day, and that limited him from really cutting loose with his trademark screams. As such, the band played a generally less raucous set, with a couple of nice surprises, a couple of cuts I wouldn't have expected. All in all, still a great show, but different.

Saw Rush play in Milwaukee, at summerfest, on Thursday. Nothing like spending the American independence Day with a bunch of Canadians. I didn't look up the set list prior to going in, and I was extremely pleasantly surprised by the first half of the "evening with" program. The band generally stayed away from their most famous songs, with a bunch of the radio staples not making an appearance. And, frankly, I didn't miss 'em. That first half was heavy with deeper cuts from their early 80s album, including the songs Grand Designs and The Analog Kid, which would have made my wishlist, had I thought to draw one up. Looking it up now, it seems that they've played it over the past year, but as I missed their last couple of tour legs, I'd missed out. No matter, I caught them this time, and my heart was glad.

The second half featured a majority of songs from their latest album, and while it was good, that disc (Clockwork Angels) never quite reached that top level with me, and so the live experience didn't match up to the first half of the show. Rush played a few more early 80s nuggets of goodness, and then brought the show to a rollicking close with Tom Sawyer and portions of 2112. A great night, all told.

I also managed to check out a Chicago Fire MLS game on Wednesday night, so I certainly was entertained over the past week. I didn't manage much 'intentional exercise', but I did walk a fair bit, between parking a bit away from the venue on Sunday, then forgetting where I parked on Wednesday and parking lengthwise across the parking lot 4 time before coming to the row where my car was on Wednesday, and then on Thursday, parking a few blocks away (to save a few bucks on parking), and then wandering back and forth across the summerfest grounds a couple times.

This week needs to see a return to the intentional stuff, as the weight is getting out of hand. I'm more than half way back to the weight that triggered the joining of this site, and not really doing the things that worked, the things I know I need to do. Not sure what it's going to take to shock me back into the right rhythm. Hope I figure out that particular trigger soon though.
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