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Bye, Bye Pounds

Friday, July 05, 2013

I have been eating more fresh fruits and greens, either spinach or kale, and making a daily smoothie, usually for breakfast or for lunch of a cup of spinach or kale (raw) and fruit in my Nutri-bullet.

I watched the movie Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead about Joe Cross and his journey to becoming healthier. I liked the idea, but our budget wouldn't allow for the pulp from a juicer to just be thrown out.

Some of my online Christian friends said that if I would commit to eating more fruits and vegetables, I would be able to make changes which would benefit my health. After lab work which showed high liver enzymes and protein in my urine and feeling swollen and bloated every day, I was ready to try making a change.

I bought the Nutri-bullet with a coupon from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The regular cost was $99.99 and with a coupon, I got one for $79.99. After spending that money, I was committed.

The highest weight I have had was 279 pounds and Yes, that has been recent. It would go down a few pounds, then back up and sometimes I would have as much as a 6 pound weight gain in a day. I had to use a shoehorn to pry on my shoes.

So here is the update: My husband had foot surgery on May 23rd. I would be doing all that he did around the house and driving to do the errands he did. Our son would take care of the mowing and trimming of the grass.

My weight today is 253 point something. I have no sugar/sweet cravings and I am only adding salt on spaghetti, eggs and raw tomatoes. I feel full for the first time that I can remember. My weight is not going up 6 pounds at a time. There may be a two-pound increase, but it is nothing like before when I would skip eating and just have a mug of coffee because my left leg and my feet were swollen and my stomach was protruding.

I haven't done regular exercise with the needs of my husband and chores to do. I don't recommend that, because exercising helps me to sleep and rest, but I am saying I feel a tremendous difference in my health. This is the way, I believe, that will get me to my goal.

I do have to admit that drinking a smoothie that is mint green colored or darker-green colored took some mind-over-matter thinking. I have only made one that took me 3 days to get down because of how it looked, but I didn't waste it and throw it out. My body is letting me know that this is a good thing. I can slip into my shoes without a shoe horn. My clothes are looser. I am starting to see my cheekbones and what I call my "frog chin" is tightening up.

I am trying to do 80% raw (uncooked) food and 20% whatever I want. I no longer go hog wild and eat 1/2 gallon of ice cream at one sitting. I have eaten potato chips and cookies, but I find if I have fruit in the house, I will often choose that instead of the other stuff. It also works for me, because my husband likes what he eats and we have it in the house. I am not tempted after my smoothie.

My irritable bowel syndrome which had me worried before trying 80/20, is not a problem. I thought eating raw would make it worse, but guess what? I am no longer afraid to leave the house and it didn't make me go like I was afraid that it would. I do go more often, but it seems to have regulated my system by doing something good for my whole body.

For those that think this is TMI, I write this for those that suffer with it. Unless you have it, you don't know what it is like to feel the need of finding a bathroom while you are on the road or when you are some place where there aren't any bathrooms. 80/20 has given me confidence again.

I know I am only a pound lower than my weight ticker, but this has been a year of maximum weight and then only losing by not eating anything and then regaining weight as soon as I did eat. I take it, it was what we eat in this house-lots of boxed food, fast food when we can afford it, and now that I have had opportunity to FINALLY get what I need to make the changes for myself, I am writing this blog to tell you what changes I see.

I can still cook the Hamburger Helper lasagna and keep the cookies, ice cream, crackers, cheeses and sausages for my husband to eat, but I am living better in my own skin so to speak. Just getting rid of the constant swelling and having to battle every morning to get my shoes on and then having a ring around my leg from my sock cutting into my skin when I took my shoes and socks off in the evening, means a lot to me. Seeing the scale reading go down, though slowly, tells me I am on the right path.

I am still experimenting with combinations as to what tastes good. I look at the store ads and purchase the fruit that is on sale. I also use yogurt or almond milk to blend everything and in a pinch use skim milk. Some use water but I think the almond milk or yogurt gives me more of a sense of having a milk shake.

Only one smoothie had the look of a fresh cow pie that had been blended, I hope I don't repeat that look. emoticon

So to my Spark friends, if you haven't had any success, you may want to give this a try. You will have to acquire a taste for greens and fruit. You have to have soluble and insoluble foods together, otherwise you will have something that just tastes like raw greens and looks like blended grass.

Our July 4th celebration.

Hubby's truck quit running shortly after he had surgery. We were concerned. We are living off of savings since his foot problem was not a work-related incident. He had it towed to a place that guarantees their work for 2 years and endless mileage. They said it was a dead cell in the battery. I found the receipt for the battery purchase from last year, since I do spreadsheets of all of our receipts, and our son drove him to the garage. They removed the battery and took it to Auto Zone and had it replaced, then took the new battery to the garage and they installed it. Cost at the garage, less than $75.

Some friends called and wanted to come over for the 4th. Our son and his girlfriend decorated the patio with a streamer that looked like the American flag and some small flags on sticks. We ate on red, white and blue paper plates and had red bowls for salad and dessert and napkins that had pictures of the flag on them.

We had chicken leg quarters ( I got them for 79 cents a pound) which we cut apart into drumsticks and thighs, covered with Sweet Baby Ray's barbecue sauce on the grill, hot dogs, and Juicy Lucy's- a burger that was featured on either Man Versus Food or Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. My son made them. They are two hamburger patties with cheese in the middle. He made them with pepper jack cheese, American cheese and cheddar cheese. We had tossed salad, pasta salad, corn on the cob, chopped/sliced onions for the hot dogs and hamburgers, my son put parmesan cheese on the corn, rolled the ears in aluminum foil and grilled them.

For dessert we had strawberries, butter cream cake and cool whip. I bought a watermelon, but we didn't cut it, we were all stuffed! We had pop to drink.

My son and his girlfriend went swimming, but since our guests didn't bring bathing suits, I didn't go. My husband has been cleared to swim and get his foot wet, but he wouldn't be able to use the pool ladder and put weight on that foot. Monday, he can drive again and wear a nylon brace on his foot and leg, quit using the boot and wear his shoes. He is off of his crutches.

Our guests left, then we went raspberry picking-wild black raspberries.

We went to watch the city fireworks at the Fairgrounds and carried chairs to sit in. I also walked a lane at a local track near where we picked berries. We saw several deer as we drove place to place to pick berries. Hubby and I watched TV when we got home and sometime after midnight, we went to bed and felt blessed to still be able to enjoy our freedom in the USA.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    My DD has a bullet too and will do occasional streaks of liquified fruits and veggies. Does indeed make a difference in how we feel!
    1769 days ago
    Love your blog! You are doing great! Slow and steady wins the got this!

    1772 days ago
    emoticon on the good choices you have been making...keep it up emoticon !! emoticon emoticon
    1774 days ago
    What a wonderful upbeat blog. I am so pleased you made that decision to buy something you needed for your long term health AND have used it. Many people buy things but they get put away in cupboards after a while.

    I'm glad your husband is more mobile too. Perhaps you can go walking together as he builds up his strength.....or maybe in competition??

    Let's hope your church friends bless you with some fresh fruit and veg when they see how well you are doing

    big hugs, Sandra
    1780 days ago
    1781 days ago
    Hey, dear heart~ *hugs* A big CONGRATULATIONS on your continued success using the Nutri~Bullet and see results. That is AWE~some indeed! Sounds like y'all enjoyed a lovely 4th, and happy to hear of your hubby's recovery. Here's to a great weekend. Keep your momentum strong, sister. *hugs* BB~
    1781 days ago
    Wonderful news! You are doing very well on your diet. I am SOO Proud of you! Sounds like a very nice 4th!
    1781 days ago
    If it is working for you then keep doing it. I am glad that you are happy with what you are doing. Good job.
    1781 days ago
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