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July Holiday....There is a Mouse in my House...Dishwasher broke...

Friday, July 05, 2013

Hubby did arrive safe and sound later in the day on Wednesday. Along with his Menu items for his celebration....Independence Day. He had had no supper and was leaving out at noon the next day so we decided to have this for our supper meal. I said on my last blog that Hubby wanted the traditional fixins for a picnic in the comfort of our home. And although hot dogs, baked beans and potato salad are not my normal diet foods...... surprisingly he made some good choices. I guess some of the preaching over the years has stuck in his sometimes thick head. His purchases included whole wheat buns, 95% fat free hot dogs without nitrates, mustard potato salad from the deli, and Bushes baked beans. Easy peasy.....all I needed to do was heat the hot dogs baked beans and hot dog chile. I chose to cut an onion use mustard on my hot dog....

Well, put my beans in a glass dish and set them for three minutes in the microwave and put my hot dogs on the stove top grill to cook...wrapped the buns in a damp paper towel and put it on the cool side of the grill. When the microwave beeped I opened the door to find my glass dish had a egg size hole in it and beans were spilling onto the glass tray . Have no understanding why. I called Richard for help he and I got the mess in the trash ...the other can of beans in another dish to heat on more time. He enjoyed relaxing and eating his picnic.....I fixed some sugar free fat free vanilla pudding ...added a banana, graham crackers, and fat free whipped cream. Halfway into fixing this meal Hubby said he had forgot something in the truck and he went back out. When he came back he had these beautiful flowers and gave them to me. They were pretty much closed so it took till today for me to get a good picture. He went to bed before 11:00 pm for he had to leave out at noon on the fourth. It took me a while to settle down...I was too wound up. emoticon

On the fourth I fixed Hubby a Rolled up breakfast with egg beaters, Turkey Crumbles, Brown Rice, tomato, onion, bell peppers, fat free cheddar cheese...wrapped in my Joseph's Flax and Oat Bran 7 Whole Wheat Lavash Bread - only 50 calories....healthy and filling. We rested and talked till time to leave except for checking my dishwasher (later in this blog)..... It was then me and the dog and cat to celebrate the Independence Day, independent of any one else. I found out on Facebook that there was a Fireworks display just 10 miles from my house but I did not know and missed it. emoticon

I have been having trouble with mice in my drawers....no, not my bloomers! The drawers that I keep my kitchen towels and dish cloths...have had mouse droppings in them. So I took all the towels and cloths out and washed them in hot water and hot dryer. and then I used hydrogen peroxide to clean them and let them dry without rinsing them. Then I put peppermint oil on paper towels and lined my two drawers with them before putting my towels and cloths and pot holders back in the drawers. The peppermint oil was so strong for the first day with those drawers closed...that my eyes watered all day. I had to do this with the washcloth towel drawer in the bathroom too.

The other day when I went to the store I picked up some little old fashioned mouse traps. I baited them with peanut butter and placed them on my fresh minty kitchen towels and one in the bathroom emptied drawer(NO MINT). The first day nothing in the kitchen or bathroom. Yesterday while Hubby was shaving I checked that one and nothing happened. The trap with that delicious all Natural peanut butter was still there undisturbed. Last night before I went to bed I checked again because Blinky was lying close by....and there it was dead !!!! Yea!!! emoticon

Now I redid the trap to see if he had a pardoner in crime.... we shall see. But in the mean time the peppermint seems to be working in keeping the vermin away....not only from those two drawers but the four other drawers close by. My eyes have stopped tearing for the most part but my whole house smells of essence of peppermint.

I loaded the dishwasher turned it on only to find water in the bottom of the washer. It looked fresh and clean but it is not suppose to be there after the washer has gone through it's cycle so I added a cup of vinegar to the water...and filled the soap dispenser with baking soda and ran it again....still water in the bottom! I did this twice over the next two days and still had water. So today I am to talk to the people who fix them and see if this piece that Hubby said is the problem ......is really the problem.

Well that is about it today. I got 100 Spark Goodie Points today....I have a plan for them .... emoticon

Have a Great Weekend and be safe!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Sounds like you guys had a nice early celebration, with flowers to boot! Peanut butter on the mouse trap... I've never run into another person that does that. Them mouses loves that peanut butter! Also, if you have mouse problems, you can take a pail, put several inches of beer in it and a stick leaning against it for the mice to climb up to the top of the pail. They will jump down to the beer and eventually drown (make sure beer level is high enough that they can't just stand up and hold their heads out of it!).
    1812 days ago
    the flowers were lovely I love how you take regular meals and make them low fat. I hope the mice have left and one is not stuck in your dishwater. don't laugh my mom found a nest in back of her refrigerator when it stopped working. good luck hugs
    1812 days ago
    The flowers are so beautiful! So nice of him to bring you them. Glad you got to have some nice quiet time with him before he had to hit the road again. Hope the mice are gone for good and the dishwasher gets fixed!
    1813 days ago
  • KAB7801
    The microwave scares me when it starts poping and making funny noises.

    Love your flowers, always a nice surprise
    1813 days ago
  • MAW_OH
    How cool, unexpected flowers! emoticon
    1814 days ago
    Hope you get rid of the mice. They're always a pain. And I hope it all gets better for you.
    1814 days ago
  • KAREN608
    Lovely flowers!
    Sorry about the mouse in the house... hope it was only one
    misguided mouse. They usually come in when the weather is

    Your story of the peppermint in the drawers had me grinning
    as it kept people out as well. But anything that will help is good.

    So far my outside kitties have kept mice at bay but we also
    have bats in this area. In town also. Any little hole 1/2 inch
    will do for mice and bats to come in.

    May the mice stay outside!
    1814 days ago
    Rodents in the house are a pain. Hope you get all of them. Sounds like you had a couple of nice meals with hubby. Enjoy your weekend.
    1814 days ago
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