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er lime soda

Friday, July 05, 2013

I promise this isn't a blatant blog promotion, but I got lots of good links and potential pins on my original blog post:


Or if you don't care, on with the gist of the post and recipe! :-)

I love my sodastream but frankly they can keep all their syrups and mixes. I haven't seen one with clean ingredients and haven't tasted one that's good. I didn't buy the sodastream for their mixes though. I like carbonated water but dislike buying my favs like San Pellegrino and Perrier because I can't finish the bottle before it goes bad and the individual sizes are not economical. So yeah, making my own and adding my own flavors, usually just lime or lemon, is a perfect solution. I love bubbles!

Today's recipe was inspired by a blog I wrote about in last week's wanderings. This lady wrote about a strawberry basil lime smash. Go ahead and pin it, I'll wait. YUMMY looking!

I was going to make the water like she said but I didn't have any strawberries...or basil...and we just ran out of limes. And then I wondered if it would be good as a soda. I restocked the strawberry and limes. I also happened to pick up some ginger for a big batch of ginger lemonade this weekend. Lastly, this week's CSA box had mint amongst all the veggie goodness. So...I present my modified recipe that turned into strawberry-mint-ginger lime smash soda.



Smash! (because you can't write Smash! without an exclamation)


~~Strawberry-mint-ginger lime smash soda (makes 2 servings):

~Ingredients (amounts are subjective, please adjust to your own preferences)

-3 large-ish strawberries de-stemmed and cut into halves or thirds
several sprigs of mint
-1t grated ginger (I used 1/2t because the boy thinks ginger is too spicy. It would definitely be good with 1t or even more)
-1 lime halved
-16-24 oz of sparkling water or just plain filtered water or unsweetened iced tea


Smash! a little lime juice with the strawberries, grated ginger, and mint.

Add the mixture to ice.

Juice half a lime in each glass and drop a slice in.

Pour sparkling water, plain water, OR unsweetened iced tea over it. I wouldn't be adverse to a splash of gin this evening either.


Kid tested:

And approved:

It's also good for a second pouring of liquid and the leftover Smash! is delicious to eat. Waste not, want not and all that.

Peace, light, and love!
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