How to Mow Lawn and Annoy Others

Friday, July 05, 2013

Okay, okay, in the scheme of all the topics I could blog about this is slightly off center. But, I simply am astounded how others can be so bothered by something so very insignificant. Yard work is one of my passions. Whether is is digging in flower beds, tending to a vegatable garden or mowing the yard I love being in my yard. Great way to relieve stress and get in some exercise, along with Vitamin D.

So anyway, I told the spouse I would mow the yard. No big deal since we have a riding lawn mower. Now understand ... I am what I call a "freestyle" lawn mower type person. There is no fancy patterns. You know ... back and forth lines which are very precise. We all have someone we know, or at least a yard we drive by, where the person mowing the yard appears to have made perfect passes with the lawn mower to the point of appearing to have used a tape measure. That is NOT ME! Hence why I like to say I "free style". I drive in different directions, make spins and circles if I see a patch of grass I missed and generally just do my thing until the grass is cut. Now ... I have never been given any feedback on this until 2 days ago. There is some roadwork nearby resulting in dump trucks driving up and down my road all day. While mowing I see this guy driving by giving me disapproving looks and shaking his head. He even begins to slow down once while I am circling on the mower. Finally, I kid you not, he stops and calls out to me asking if I understand it is better to cut the grass in patterns. What ??? With all the craziness in the world this guy is concerned over how a stranger cuts the grass in her own yard. I thanked him, but explained I was happy to cut grass my way. So ... the rest of the day this guy keeps driving by obviously looking distressed at my lack of pattern on my yard. (Might be a good time to say how I live out in the country on 10 acres. Not sure the neighbors cows even care about how my yard looks :) )

I know there are lots of crazies in the world and people who are uptight about little things, but all I can think is "this poor b*****d". Kids are starving, people dying in wars, unemployed folks everywhere and he is stressed over how I cut my grass.

Suddenly, all of my quirks seem a little less important. Am I going to start worrying about patterns of how my grass looks after it is cut? NOPE! I am outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air. This is yet one more example of why I do not care about someone else's opinion of who I am, or what I do. My life became much simpler several years ago when I became less self-conscious and more accepting of me. Turning 50 brought with it a freedom and acceptance to be just me.
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    I agree with you! I free-style too. Why would patterns help the grass grow better? Really??? emoticon
    1755 days ago
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