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Friday, July 05, 2013

Yea, whodathunkit?

Not me, I never thought I would go without overeating for 4 days let alone 75 because that is just not normal for me. I am the girl who never ever exercises and who eats everything I want anytime I want because I want to, it is not in my dna to refrain from compulsively eating and what is in my dna is sitting on the couch with a remote, a paintbrush or a guitar. None of these fun but passive activities could ever burn the calories I was consuming while eating too much.

So how is it that I am working out at the pool daily, 6 days this week, over 800 minutes this week, and how is it that I am eating literally only protein and produce?

How is it that I am OFF insulin, and with good blood sugars, little hunger and eating and enjoying all these veggies and fruits? How can I be getting healthy and letting go of weight?

Its a mystery to me, I do ask for help, I do rely on my spiritual beliefs, I do show up, suit up and do this plan that came to me out of the blue. Except its not out of the blue, everyone knows to lose weight and thus feel better and be healthier, a person has to eat healthy, and less and move more. Eat less + move more. Rely on my inner voice and listen to people who are doing what I want. Thus I listened to my sister, who is an athlete, who knows how to be fit.

So is it such a mystery or was I just willing to do anything, and then somehow given the wherewithall to do just that. Cause it is NOT in my dna. Something bigger than me is at work, and I am very grateful. Me alone sits on the sofa with sweets and salties and waits for dinner.
It is not just me.

At first I was not willing at all, I knew I would need to cut out foods that give me trouble, all desserts, grains, most dairy. Then I found the restricted plan I am on now and it seemed like maybe I could do it for 1 day, so really thinking "no way can I, lets give it 1 day, then I know I won't be able to so I won't have to", wow, talk about stinking thinking.

One day turned into 2 and now 75, I also knew I would have to get up off the couch and move. And walking was out, knees just would not take it, even an elliptical caused too much worry to my knees, they have some age on them!

The only....... literally the only thing that was left for me was swimming or water aerobics which I have done in the past, but never stuck with, so here we go to a GYM! Good Golly, this is a stretch! My embarrassed body does not walk into any gym, but I found lots of other women just like me there, doing water aerobics so I knew this was for me, I was home and have been going faithfully, even happily ever since.

And I went back to my support group meetings, which I have had a love/hate relationship with for years. But I went back, I took my pinhead of willingness and turned it into action.

Sometimes my husband looks at me and I think he is wondering, where is his wife? Who has replaced my wife with this motivated, interested, busy and becoming healthier person? Pod people have stolen my wife and replaced her with this energizer bunny, and I laugh.

As a reward I have picked a trip home to Hawaii for next June, I will go with a friend and my husband, who will meet us when we get to Maui. Its going to be a wonderful year and I have paradise to look forward to, where I can enjoy all the unique produce on my tropical isle.

I am grateful for this 75 days, I feel like a new woman, I feel happy.


Windward Oahu, Chinaman's Hat

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