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My Princess is off to ... Camp!

Friday, July 05, 2013

Last weekend, I drove 10 hours to spend a couple of days with my family... for a very special occasion: my oldest HS Grad!

Since Emma moved back with her father (2 years ago), we make plans every chance we have to see each other but it can be difficult to coordinate our schedules, even more so when you take into consideration the distance. Before the grad ceremony, we (my mom, my sister, Emma and I) went out for dinner - sorry no picture of food this time!
It was a nice dinner, too much food again (I ate a salad, but it was HUGE!!! ) and we shared a decadent cake for the occasion! It was a long, very long graduation ceremony, but she was very happy and the mommy was proud.

The next morning, she had a few appointments to make herself pretty for the ball, so my sister and I decided to spend time together and we booked a massage. I did not realized how much I needed it! ... Then it was almost time to get into nice outfits for the cocktail! I was a tiny bit disappointed that my mom did not want to join us for that part of the celebration; nevertheless, it was a beautiful afternoon and we went to the reception just so we could see Emma making her entrance on their red carpet!

emoticon !!!

After one hour, there she was!

I was happy that I was not taking pictures - that way I just had to feel the moment. I was a little emotional! I could not help but think that she has the world in front of her and she just needs to believe that she can do it all - she has so much more than I could think I had when I was her age!

I was happy that we were all there (Peter - their dad - Maggie and I...) and I think it was important for them too! I even stopped at Peter's parents (my ex in-laws) in the morning to pick up Maggie and I had a little chat with them... They are very good grand-parents and they were always very nice to me...

Anyway, back to the cocktail, Maggie was pretty too! I like her new hair style.

Looking at pictures makes me realize that they are both bigger than me know! I know it but my mind just does not want to register it! And I have evidence here to prove it...

I am proud of you kiddo - and keep in mind that I am paying for that education (she is starting college in nursing in the Fall) so you can look after your mommy when she will be like Grandma Marie (my grandma - she died of dementia)... !

Enjoy your summer at the camp, I am sure you are a fantastic lifeguard -and you look great "au naturel" too!

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