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Thursday, July 04, 2013

I wasn't planning on attending any fireworks tonight, even though (or perhaps because) it was always a favorite family activity. The neighbors brought fireworks from SC and invited me to their party, but it's a family party and while I'm sure it would be fine, I always feel like that "extra person." I was going to stay home, especially after it rained heavily just a little while ago.

Still, when I saw the night falling, I decided to take Lucy the Dog and hike up the hill - through the thigh-high (my thigh - over Lucy's head) sopping wet grasses. We went up to the top of Johnny's Hill and discovered that not only could we see the neighbor's really splendid fireworks display, but we could also see about half a dozen others.

We didn't stay til the end, though. There was a very dramatic bolt of lightning (nature's fireworks) not too very far away, and I realized that standing on the top of a hill in the wet grass might not be the safest location, so we trotted back down the hill and went back inside. Lucy was so wet all her fur was spiky, and I'm covered with grassy bits - toweled her off, debating a shower for me.

Not what I'd planned for the evening (the plan had been a cocktail and the crossword puzzle) but it's good to do things spur-of-the-moment, even, or perhaps especially, if it's something you've never done, a little out of the usual comfort zone. I'm not particularly afraid of the dark, but there are plenty of coyotes, a wolf or two, a bobcat, a cougar, lots of skunks and assorted other nocturnal wildlife around here - enough to give one pause, anyway.

Still, it was unexpected fun, and that's always a good thing. emoticon
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    GREAT JOB---Pat in Maine. emoticon
    1743 days ago
    Yep...I used to love the fireworks too. Now they mostly annoy me, especially the stupid neighbors setting them off the day BEFORE, the day OF, and the day AFTER! I hate to think I've turned into a humbug...but really getting psyched up over anything patriotic just breaks me out in hives these last few years.

    I look at Washington and congress and all the greed and corruption and celebrating our Independence seems a little retro~you either are a part of the 'haves' or the 'have nots'...what happened to the middle class?

    It all just makes me VERY cranky...especially on the 4th of July.

    Call this year the year of 'Bobbi's VERY bad attitude!' emoticon I hope I recover by Christmas...that always used to be my FAV holiday. emoticon
    1767 days ago
    A spontaneous walk with the dog, and a private viewing of fireworks sounds like a pleasant evening.

    For me, sometimes an impromptu walk out of the house can clear out some of the cobwebs in my head and leave me feeling uplifted.

    I agree it's good to avoid those critters who like to roam at night. Listening to their calls from inside can be scary enough.
    And, of course, lightning is always best viewed from inside.

    Sending you good wishes...


    1778 days ago
    I had a cat named Lucy. Brings back memories.
    Happy Belated Independence Day!

    1779 days ago
    Glad you got off the plan! It sounds like a nice time. I need to remind myself that not everything must be in "the plan". Some of the best times I've had and the most rewarding experiences have been unplanned adventures.

    1779 days ago
    thanks so much for this. You reminded me I haven't done anything off-plan in a long time.
    1780 days ago
    A perfectly wonderful evening! And I really love nature's fireworks!
    1780 days ago
  • _UMAMI_
    Sounds like a perfectly Independent way to celebrate the day!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon

    I think you would have made a good Revolutionary.

    1780 days ago
    Wish I'd been there, with you and Lucy th' Dog!
    1780 days ago
    Nice end to the day.
    1780 days ago
    ahhhhh that sounds like a lovely evening... sometimes, I crave "outside" solitude.. and your walk with Lucy the Dog sounded wonderful.. 'cept for the skunks, cougars, bobcats, etc. LOL
    1780 days ago
    How daring for you INTJ - and how spontaneous! Sounds marvelous though. And wise to skedaddle when the lightning spiked.

    Happy 4th from a Canadian up north.
    1780 days ago
    It sounds as if you had the best,of both worlds!
    1780 days ago
    Wonderful, Scoot. Big hug.
    1780 days ago
    What a lovely evening! I can't think of a more pleasant way to spend the 4th!!! You never cease to amaze me with your strength and your courage. It is hard for me to step out of my comfort zone and I so admire that you are able to do so!!!! Happy 4th!
    1781 days ago
    I probably have not told you often enough about how much I admire you. Your sense of humor, your independence, you ability to make lots of lemonade out of lemons. I could see you and Lucy on the top of the hill and it gave me hope for the future. Maybe there is a little of you in me. I would like to think so.
    1781 days ago
    A wet hill with lightening in the area would definitely be a bad idea, but sounds like you did get a great show in regardless!
    1781 days ago
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