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Thursday, July 04, 2013

This is as much a reminder to me as it is to anyone else, and it doesn't eat what you want, and avoid all exercise - if anything, that is being cruel to yourself!

Being kind to yourself in my mind is about being mindful of your situation - in my case, I am on day 4 of a new job, I'm working with people who are much more familiar with the situation than I am - but seem to expect me to know everything about everything, and for the first time in a long time I don't have my own car and am relying on the bus to get me to work.

So what s the most practical approach to take with regard to diet and exercise for me? Well, to back off basically. As long as I try to eat well, and take exercise where I can, I'm not going to worry about the rest because I'm doomed to failure otherwise. And this week is about quick wins!

I want to reduce the pressure to allow myself to perform, and to finish my first week with a smile on my face.

Hope this blog reminds you to practice mindfulness, and ensure your own well-being wherever and whenever you can.

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