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Any Help I can get would be great!

Thursday, July 04, 2013

So my Dr is of no help to me!!! And of course I learned this as I'm going into my last 2 months of pregnancy... JOY!!!
My Dr was out so I saw another Dr and they decided to inform me I'm measuring bigger than I am... and have been for the past 2 appointments(something my Dr declined to inform me)! Long story short I am 32 weeks pregnant(almost 33 weeks pregnant) Measuring 34-35 weeks pregnant. I asked the Dr some of my questions and he skated around the answer... so maybe someone here can help me... I have a few questions!!!!

Here they go... oh and a warning the last one is sharing some information that many would consider TMI so some of you may want to skip it... this is your warning lol

Ok question #1
Since I'm measuring bigger than I am, could that mean they got my due date wrong??? Or maybe it's a big baby?? (a little brief history; my husband and I were both 9# babies our 1st son was 7#'s 10.5 oz). Or maybe it's something else I should be worrying about (too much fluid, etc??)

Question #2
The baby is head down already... is this normal in week 32 (I know this is all information I should know since I already had one kid but my first son didn't go head down at all so I'm curious... if this is right)

Question #3
According to the Dr and some of my family I've dropped already... SAY WHAT??? Doesn't that happen like 1-2 weeks before you give birth??? Um I can't tell here is month 6 pregnancy shot and month 8 pregnancy shot.. you tell me!!!

Month 6

Month 6 side view easier to see

Here is month 8

Month 8 side view

What do you guys think?????? Have I dropped or is the Dr and my family crazy?!?!?!?!?!


I have been experiencing lower back pain and every once in a while sharp pains what feels like in my vagina... I've also felt pressure down there as well... not to the point where I feel I need to push but it's pretty strong pressure... Is this normal??? Or are they braxton hicks? early onset of labor?? I just don't know!!!

Thank you for taking your time to read this and any help I can get is greatly appreciated!!!
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    Welcome to the "whale stage" of pregnancy otherwise known as the sucky 2 months at the end. Your pains sound normal Braxton-Hick-sih/ pressure of having an entire person sitting on that area. The size may be normal considering you were both big babies. I agree with the Gestational Diabetes - if you havent been tested yet, its worth checking out. BAsed on the dropping and size, they may have screwed up your dates, or the baby may want to come out a little early. I would say its summer time, get the weight off your feet by hanging out in a pool as much as you can. DH has to step up and help with DS#1 while you wait these last 2 months.
    1811 days ago
    I think that babies usually 'drop' about six weeks before birth, and bob up and down into the engaged position for a good two weeks before that, so you would be about right. It's quite possible that you're carrying a lot of fluid this time, all pregnancies are different. Try not to worry about the feeling of pressure, it's simply the weight of baby and fluid you're carrying.
    1814 days ago
    Hi there, I'm Doveseyes daughter (writing from her account) and am in my final year of medical school. She's asked me to give you some answers seeing as I've had some experience with obstetrics and gynaecology.

    The difference in measurement between 33-34 weeks is about 1-2cm, and 34-35weeks is another 1-2cm. So the difference is not exactly huge, and it greatly varies between individuals. You need to also remember that this is a guide, rather than a hard and fast rule. I hope they have been plotting the fundal height on a graph so that you can see there is a smooth line of growth and not a sudden increase in the last few weeks.

    The dates could be miscalculated, or it could that your baby is genetically destined to be larger. So long as you have been tested for gestational diabetes to ensure a larger baby is not the result of that. In terms of fluid, your dr or obstetrician should be doing fairly regular ultrasounds at this point in your pregnancy, that's how they measure the amount of amniotic fluid around your baby, they cannot tell this by measuring fundal height.

    You should definitely tell your GP or obstetrician about the pain. Pressure is entirely normal, as you can imagine with baby and fluid all resting on that area. They will want to know if this is related to any vaginal discharge, swelling of ankles, headache, blurry vision. They should be routinely checking your blood pressure on each visit.

    I always tell my mum to write things down that she wants to discuss with her doctor so that she can ask all her questions and not go home and worry about things, and I recommend that to you too! They're supposed to be there to help you and answer your questions, if they are unable to do so then they should refer you to someone who can.

    I hope this is helpful and that you enjoy the rest of your pregnancy.

    1814 days ago

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    Did you tell the Dr. about the lower back pain and the sharp pains? You probably are farther along than they thought....but I am no expert. I do have 5 kids though and each one was different. I do remember a lot of braxton hicks contractions with my first one but not necessarily with the rest. Go with your gut and if you think they are real labor call the Dr. or go to the hospital. You don't want to mess with Mother Nature.


    Hang in there.
    1814 days ago
    well your talking to a gal who had two C-sections and the last one was 15 years ago and the first 20.. but I do remember I was 38 weeks for both.. and yes I always felt pressure (down there) matter of fact when I was in labor for my fist I had a ton of back pain never knew it as labor till my Mom said" would you call your dr" and sure enough I was but both my little girls had their own agenda which they still do to this day they where headed north instead of south.. so that is why C-sections where in order so the " dropping" no never experienced that because they where all tucked up close to my ribs.. hmm maybe that is why I could never breath.. LOl

    but in any case all your concerns are normal.. take it one day at a time.. rest and relax, listen to the doc and like they say when the apple is ripe it will fall from the tree.. LOL my grandmother always said that.

    1814 days ago
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