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Veggie tales...

Thursday, July 04, 2013

I am frustrated with myself for not doing better in this area of my goals. I mean, it's not even like exercise, which I struggle to do because I don't like it. This is something I actually like ok, but I'm not doing. Why don't I eat veggies more?

Part of it is that I am the only one who actually cares about healthy eating right now. Never mind the teenagers, even my husband has sorry eating habits. So when I DO cook veggies, nobody eats them except me. I get tired of tossing out healthy food that no one eats.

Also, maybe part of it is that fixing vegetables has a stigma in my mind that it is difficult, or more work, or something. When I "fix" them now it is usually throw a box/bag of frozen vegs in the microwave bc that is fast and easy and bc even if I go to all that work, no one is going to like it/eat it and it will get tossed.

Grrr. Need help getting over this hurdle. Anyone?...Bueller?...Bueller?
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    My HB also won't eat his vegies. so I cook for just me. What I like are the Green Giant frozen steamers. I look for the ones with out cheese or sauce or light sauce. They cook in 5 min. I normaly eat 1/2 the package which is 1 1/2 portions but still low calories and helps to fill me up. I save the rest for lunch the next day. To keep it from getting boring I add 2 Tbs low salt salsa or add them to a healthy choice soup along with a couple oz of meat. I hope this helps.
    1783 days ago
    Oh my, this sounds so familiar. My husband and kids are the same way about veggies. They will not eat them. My kids used to eat them no questions asked, but they are at that age now (11 & 13) and will only eat them when reinforced. LOL. They have the freedom to choose the veggies they will eat, but they will eat them. They may hate me for that at times, but I hope one day they will thank me. My hardheaded husband is another story. He wants to lose weight but eats all kinds of junk in crazy portions. I tried to get through to him, but he is not ready to commit yet. I hope one day, he will - before it is too late. As for me, I thankfully love veggies, but time constraints sometimes prevent me from cooking them the way I like them best. Frozen bags are a great option, so is a quick tossed salad. I also like to nibble on carrots, cucumbers or snack tomatoes. I found that prepping veggies (and fruit) on weekends helps tremendously throughout a busy work week. I hate throwing healthy foods away, myself. Is freezing portions for later an option for you?

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    1784 days ago
    Small portions of frozen veggies works for me.
    1786 days ago
    I know my family doesn't want to eat them either.

    But roasting them with garlic or balsamic vinegar helps sometimes.
    1786 days ago
    So I have my own troubles with veggies, of my "go to" veggies which is an easy quick fix is asparagus. Granted, it's only me, but I just take a handful of fresh asparagus...rinse it...cut off the very ends of the stalks...then cut manageable portions at once into 1inch pieces....throw in glass dish with some garlic salt ....dribble a little water in the bottom ...cover with waxed paper and microwave. Now I love asparagus so I'd say my serving size is about 1.5 cups --I microwave this on high for 1.5 to 2 minutes. It prob'ly takes about 5 minutes to prepare, and you can either make enough for others (and they can add melted cheese, etc) and have leftovers when they decline, or enjoy it all yourself!

    Hope this may spur some other ideas for you as well!

    1786 days ago
  • 2013_ISNOW
    Maybe, to help get yourself in the mindset you want, it would be beneficial to fix (however that may be...I like both taste and convenience, so however you "fix" them may depend on how much time you have) one meal that you would eat and another for your teenagers and husband.

    When I still lived with my parents, they could hardly get my older sister to eat veggies...however, that is the opposite situation as yours.

    Another way you can cut down on throwing out food is by getting the fresh stuff and only cooking it little bits at a time. That way you're not throwing out good food and you don't have to worry about no one eating it.

    I hope I helped. :) Just keep at it, and keep up the healthy mindset. :D Plus...I like VeggieTales, so this was awesome.
    1786 days ago

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