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Beach Challenge Strategies

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I am focusing and working hard to stay on my weight loss track.

During this past winter, I lost weight that I had regained in the fall.
During my recent trip to Central America, I watched my portions carefully and lost a pound.

Now I am at the beach. I will be here for the month of July.

I have never been able to lose weight at the beach.
At best, I have put on only five pounds.

I am determined to make this summer different.
I do not want to gain even one pound this summer.
If I could actually lose some weight, I would be very happy.

I have already made one change: I am not eating any of the traditional crumb cake that my husband often buys in the morning.
I have promised myself I will not have ANY of that crumb cake all summer long.

The challenge for me at the beach is that we usually have lots of company here.
I am always making and serving food for guests -- usually three meals a day.
In addition, there are all kinds of snack foods available.
Also, because we have guests, I find it more difficult to break away and go off by myself to exercise. As a result, I don't walk as much as usual.

Having more food around and exercising less is what eventually leads to the weight gain.

As I write this blog, I am trying to identify the issues that have defeated me in the past so that I can come up with realistic strategies to deal with them differently this year.

Here are my strategies:

I will keep healthful snacks in the house: fresh vegetables and fruits that I can enjoy without adding unwanted calories.

I will continue to watch my portion sizes -- and keep them smaller.

Just for tomorrow - we will have no company. (Our friends are coming on Friday.)

So for tomorrow - I will walk in the morning for an hour.

In fact, I will walk at least every other morning when we do not have company.

Also, I will walk on some days when we DO have company.
I will just have to wake up for an earlier start to the day.

I will not let more than two days go by without walking.

Finally, each and every day I will continue to track everything I eat -- and I will stay within the calorie range.

If I do go over the calorie range, I will walk the following morning for sure.

If I can conquer this challenging beach environment this year -- and maintain my healthful eating and exercising behaviors -- this will be a major accomplishment for me.

I would like to prove to myself that I can do it.


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