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Spring 5%, WIN Reflection, Goals and Shred Break

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Good Evening everyone! Wow has today been busy and I am still not done. I am finally just sitting down to relax for a second and pay the bills and post my weigh in day blog. This will probably be the last time I post on any of my threads until Monday. I will not have a computer at my FIL's but I have my phone but its hard to post from that. We are heading about an hour away for the next 4 days. We plan to see the Fowlerville Fireworks tomorrow since they are not far from my FIL's then Friday we are planning to meet my mom and stepdad and celebrate their bdays from June and my sons 5th bday. Then Saturday we will be doing something with my FIL. Sunday we will head home. On our way we will be dropping the kids back off at my Moms until Thursday.

*Teddy Bears (Spring 5%)
I will post my FM/measures for tomorrow, tomorrow however I am not sure if I will be able to post Friday. This has been a great round. Although I did not meet my goal this round I feel I came a lot closer to it this time around. I am very happy that I stuck to it this round better than the last few. I am excited about the summer round. I will be on a new cycle of shred and have more free time that I can concentrate on me! This is exciting!!!

I was convinced with the small pcs of cake the last couple days , chocolate chip cookie binge last night, and pizza Sunday (leftovers Monday) that I would be up this week but I WAS DOWN A WHOLE POUND!!! It was just the pound I gained last week but hey I will take it! Not sure what it was. Maybe the constant running around 50 million stores but I lost!

Well I did not meet my first 2 planned goals since 5/8/2013 but I am moving past that. Although I didn't meet it on the scale I believe I met it a different way: consistency and motivation. I have been off so long and I am getting so much better and I feel I win that way! My next goal is a 10 lb loss (even though I really would like a 20!!!) by August 16 which is my 30th bday!!! Its going to take a lot of discipline but I will do it this time! This is a big year for me!

I decided to take this week off Shred also. So I will begin cycle 2 on Wednesday July 10th. Since I had a gain during week 1 during the first cycle I did I am planning to start on week 2. That will only give me 5 weeks so which ever week I lost the most I will repeat during the 6th week.
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