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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Well it seems I am losing touch with my blog and the community aspect of Spark lately. I have still been tracking and still getting points, but I just haven't gotten around to seeing how my Spark buddies are doing. I feel sad about that, so sorry guys!

I kinda got caught up today, but things have just been "blah" lately. I guess I am just getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again exercise wise, but without a gym membership, I feel like I am super limited on cardio. It's getting to be triple digits here, which is just not conducive to working out outside. Plus with my sleep being so elusive, when it comes I try not to get in the way of it. This leaves me not being able to go for my run until 10:00am, which is already in the upper 90's by then.

So I haven't been running much, or really at all. I have been doing my Zumba, and though as much as I love to do it, and as much as I love to dance, I am getting bored with it. I need another indoor cardio alternative. I tried doing JM 30 Day Shred, but it's hard to 1) Keep you heart rate up, and 2) Do the moves when you alternate arm and leg days. My arms were like jello yesterday, so when I attempted the 30DS, I just couldn't do the upper body, and my heart rate fell way to fast. Plus even if I do 2 minutes straight of jumping jacks, my heart rate isn't going to stay anywhere near it should.

I am looking into Zumba the actual DVDs/system and some cardio kickboxing DVDs. Though I really don't want ST (hehe). So many of the "systems" have ST included though. Thoughts anyone?

My eatings has been...well, not good, not bad. I haven't been eating enough. I know, bad bad bad Misha. But I am just not hungry. I can eat a small meal once a day, then a snack in the evenings a be fine. Plus I am so tired and distracted that I keep forgetting to eat. It doesn't help when my mom brings home food just for herself. Sure, I don't any fast food burger joints (I am just not a burger person...unless it's Mighty Fine!), but still it makes me forget to eat until 10pm.

I didn't lose any weight last week, but I also had a major panic attack on Thursday. Well not major, I have had worse, but it was worse enough to land my body in digestive hell (nausea, heartburn, diarrhea, constipation) and a headache. Of course it had to be Thursday morning, before working out, and so the physical effects lasted until Friday evening or so. Fun fun...NOT. I hate the fact that my anxiety is so tied to my physical self. I mean if it was only an anxiety attack where it is mostly "mental" I would be a lot better off. But no...I have to get sick for days from one anxiety attack. And the reason behind my attack...people in the yard. Stupid I know. But having two sets of different people (someone taking out a dead tree and the lawn people) outside my house, together, for the entire morning (the people getting the dead tree where out there from 9am to noon), just really did me in. Usually if the lawn people are in the back, I can hide in the front from the noise, but since the people where removing a tree in the front, I didn't feel "safe" anywhere. So stupid...but oh well. It's an anxiety attack because it doesn't make sense. If it did, no one would care.

Well that's it for me. I think I am going to get caught up on some shows. Have a good one guys!

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    Sorry about your anxiety - the sickness that comes with it must be terribly difficult. And feeling "blah" is tough - especially to motivate yourself to workout. Summer's heat only makes it harder! I hope you find a good cardio video soon!
    1812 days ago
    I cannot stand anxiety attacks! Storms set them off for me, even when it's just a little cell storm with lightning...I hate it. My stomach will start to feel like it hurts really bad and I start cramping up. My heart beat can be herd by everyone it feels like and I just pace the floors....worried. I get nauseated, short breath, sweats.......ugh! I have tried everything to get rid of it and it's not even a fear, it's anxiety attacks. I know how this can bring you down and I feel for ya!

    Zumba on kinect right? I started getting bored with it pretty quickly so I went through each song and chose the best ones for a full body workout. Then I went to customize class and put my favs in there...I figured, if I'm going to do this, I want to stick with my favorite songs and moves. It did help...you would think that would be super boring doing the same custom class over and over but I guess I just love the moves and songs and if I get tired of one, I can swap it out with another. I did consider buying the DVD's but figured if I'm bored with this, then that won't help me.....

    Later I ended up getting Dance Central which is alright. I don't love it but it gets the job done... I also have the biggest loser kinect which makes me so mad because I only have a small area and it never reads my moves on the ground. It's fun though but I don't play it as much!This weather has been brutal! I have always stayed inside with my workouts so it doesn't effect me as much. I do have to lower the a/c's when I work out and everyone gets to suffer...lol!

    This weight is not coming off of me...I need to get rid about as much as you and now that I am closer to goal...ugh, it just will not budge. Or I will lose it and it comes right back. I chunked my scale a month ago..as far as I am concerned, this is my goal weight because that scale was discouraging me oh so bad! I just keep on keeping on :)

    1812 days ago
    Dude, you're going to drop pounds faster if you do ST just saying. I know it sucks, I started SP with the goal in mind to concentrate on it more though. Before I knew it I was seeing results and now I'm totally hooked. Maybe working in ST is exactly what you need to push away the boredom you currently have. Good luck and feel better!

    Nikki :)
    1812 days ago
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