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The mental game of it.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Today, I am sparked to blog about something from spark coach. The text lesson said " Think about how you've evolved in your diet, workouts, and even in your attitude about healthy living these past few months." I have been thinking about the many changes I have made since I started my dedication to be a healthy diabetic in 2011. First, I have lost 25 pounds. Problem, I have gained and lost the same 5 pounds since January. Second, from Spark- I have gained knowledge about nutrition, fitness and health in general. So I know what to do. Problem- I know realize that I have to get into the mental part of the journey. I've got to get my head in the game. I know that I need to eat within calorie range. I know I need to eat more protein. It works best if I have two meatless meals and two grain free meals a day, or 1 meat, 1 grain. The rest I make up with fruits and veggies. I just need to do it. I know I need to exercise at least 45 minutes a day, and add three days of strength training to the mix. I just need to do it. Third, I've gained support. I started this journey feeling isolated and alone, on break from work. I've gained a workout partner and get great support from Spark, from blogging, to message boards, spark friends and goodies. My family still doesn't get it, but we are making small steps. For most nights, I can cook a healthy dinner and they don't complain. I can't blame the stalling on lack of support. Again, it's a mental thing. Yesterday is a great example. I had a really good healthy day. According to the healthy lifestyle scale, I was in the 24 range. I drank water, I ate in range with fruits and veggies, I exercised, and I put myself to sleep at a decent hour. THEN, after wrapping up the day, I ate cold sausages. The question I have today is the why? Why did I ruin a perfectly healthy calorie range? Why do I eat something that I know is yucky, bad for me, full of cholesterol and nitrates and sodium. Again, it's a mental thing. So, HOW DO I GET MY HEAD IN THE GAME? How do I take all the knowledge, the great plan and implement it? It might be as simple as the NIKE commercial. I just need to do it. So today, I'm going to eat in range, with my servings of fruit and veggies. (Asian stir fry for lunch, spaghetti sauce and veggie sauce for dinner.) I am going to water aerobics. I'm drinking water, and green tea. I'm taking my meds. I'm earning the max number of spark points. I'm working on the garage sale project. It will be a healthy day. and when the urge to derail the train comes, when I want to self sabotage, I commit to blogging first, using the message boards, emailing my accountability partner. Then if after reaching out and trying to identify the issue behind the urge, I still CHOOSE to de-rail, I will know it's a conscious choice. and that I can work on.

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    I need to remember that too - Just do it.
    1753 days ago
    You can be proud of what you have gained. Next year you will be able to look back and see that you have gained even more.
    1754 days ago
    Yes it is def a mind thing, that's what HAS to change first and continuously !!! If your mind hasn't changed from it's old ways of thinking and ealing with food then you are just setting yourself up for failure. Work on reading as much healthy information as possible and how to make those changes. I look at it as sorta brain washing. You must wash out the old stains and fill it with new clean inforamtion to live by. Before you know it you will realize you are already making changes and having success.

    Now if I can just do this for myself regarding fitness on a regular basis, I could get out of this plateau I've been on for over a year now ...... ggggrrrr !!!!!

    We CAN do this !!!!!!
    1754 days ago
  • IS1GAR
    You are so right, is all about the mental game, this has been far the worst to accomplish for me, I listen to the spark coaches and I realize I have learned and change so many things in my life but yet there are those times when I derail myself, sometimes triggered by one little thought that came in your mind.
    I have family that even though they are proud of me and what I'm doing with my new lifestyle they still resist of getting on board all the way. I don't let that bother me too much and I have try not to encourage them to change, I just let them be....and sometime to my surprise I see they are more in that they realize it themselves.
    I'm working in the mental game too and I'm going to start using your advise to start a new blog every time that self sabotage feeling comes my way.
    Good luck and have a terrific Independence Day!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1754 days ago
    Well, what is done is done. Just don't be hard on yourself. Concentrate only on the positives. The question is, how did you enjoyed your food?
    It had happened to me that when I de-rail, I feel that the food I chose didn't taste as good as another healthier food and it didn't really satisfied me as a healthier counterpart.
    So next time that I decide to de-reail, I will think about all the options of foods that I have to choose from, and pick the one that I will really enjoy, regardless of the calories, healthiness, etc. if it is nutritive, the better.
    One day, i ended up cooking zucchini with corn niblets and tomato sauce. I made tacos of it with avocado. OMG, I really enjoyed every bit. I ate until I was stuffed.
    1754 days ago
    I empathize with you. I am good at messing things up late at night, even after a good day. My solution is to discipline myself by not eating after 6pm. I working on making this my life long habit.
    1754 days ago
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