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Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My law partner found Vegas to be "morally repellant," but my husband and I ended up having a good time.

Music: The piped-in music at The Mirage is fabulous. All the Latin stuff that I love and that gets me moving, with some great RnR thrown in. I danced in the elevator, as we were walking, and in my seat. I saw a little old man grooving to the beat, and a mind picture flashed of my walking up, taking his hand, and swinging -- I didn't do it, but it was a great thought.

Weather: HOT! We saw 114 (at least) when we were there. Sucks the life out of you. Didn't much cool off at night.

People: Wow. That's all I can say. You had to be there.

Food: Expensive, but generally good.

My husband took me to Le Cirque for my 50th birthday (many years late. We had talked about going to Vegas for my 50th birthday, but I nixed it because of the expense involved with the travel. Since we were there anyway, I agreed to go when he asked if he could take me, and had a plan to pay for it). This is no going-out-to-dinner deal. It's a Fine Dining Experience. Everything is perfect. The food is over-the-top fabulous without being too much food. The service is incredible. It is a truly bucket-list item.

Margaritaville: We went there our first night, because my husband had scoped it out during the day and thought that it would be a lot of fun. It was more than a lot of fun. It was the turning point for me with regard to having a good time or not. First, who doesn't like loud Jimmy Buffet music? Second, one of the performers engaged us as we were waiting for our table, and we had a wonderful time talking with her. A "normal" person who just happened to have gone to circus school and to have worked for Ringling Brothers for 8 years, she is a stilt-walker who is married to a clown (another stilt-walker whom we met) and has 3 kids whom she is raising with the same issues that we all have. We really enjoyed each other.

Ceasar's: the biggest thing I think I've ever seen. If the Las Vegas scale is over-all big, the scale at Caesar's is gargantuan. We watched a film crew filming a couple of scenes from "Think Like A Man 2" (there was a TLAM1?) there, which was interesting.

Gambling: I don't gamble. My husband suggested that we try Keno (I'd never played). He spotted me $5, I played my I-had-a-dream-about-these-lott
o-numbers-years-ago numbers, hit 3 of 6, and got the $5 back. That was enough for me.

The Ride Home: It hit 122 in parts of the desert. When we got to the truck stop at Lost Hills to gas up, once the car was full it wouldn't start. A mobile repair guy rescued us, determined that the high heat had sucked the liquid out of the battery, jumped us, and we got home for $85. Battery replaced Monday and all is well. The fun part was that I fed my leftover Lucille's ribtips to a couple of feral cats who lived at the truck stop, and got my kitty fix.

The Seminars: Oh yeah, those things. Some were really interesting. I was bored in a few. I got a few Great Nuggets of Information. Saw a few friends.

All in all, not a bad way to spend a few days. Back to food reality and Life.
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