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Good Morning. Craziness can be healthy :)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I've had trouble adjusting to working 3 days a week at one of those 'easy' kind of jobs, like watching a one year old. Now, I'd had a pretty set exercise routine and diet. Yet, just as I'm starting this, Spark adjusts my calorie intake upward. I am not sure that I trust this. I also decided that my weirdie up and down weight fluctuations will not be posted. Bad for those suffering from depression or excuses to see, especially me! And I refuse to go there. It's bounces between 3-5 lbs...grrr. Oh well. It has been this way since I started and it does get lost with additional to follow. So, I don't stress it or post it. I only post the good news!

Now, on the days that I work, I am liable to burn 1500-2000 calories, however my body needs more calories. So, my tracker looks crazy and my body has to adjust for the days I don't work. And, I've made some seemingly very stupid mistakes getting breakfast while getting gas to go to work. Mind you, some days are great (like one morning finding bananas two for a dollar. I went for it, and the hostess streusel cakes. However, I had one streusel cake, and one banana, and gave the other to my daughter for her breakfast (She works a night shift, her husband works days and I watch their daughter that she can get some sleep!) Now if anyone thinks their schedules are ridiculous, think about it, they have as much time together if not more than normal 9-5ers... Back to the breakfast mistake of Monday. Griddle cake with egg and sausage and an old fashioned donut...Yes, I burnt about 2200 calories that day. Which left me rather wiped, and oddly enough I got some decent sleep, but 4 pm to 2 am is less than ideal. LOL

On days that I don't work, I have to somehow balance calories and exercise, so that it's not retro to the day before, wanting to be a snarf (vacuum like action for inhaling food-we arrived at this in high school when the word munchies was popular yet not fitting for beyond famished and teen metabolisms) bunny. So yesterday, aha, finally a combination of eating that worked, and exercise, well I rearranged my entire living room and dining room. Moving the entertainment center that I use for my computer, into the dining room and three lightweight book shelves. Moving the pub table and chairs in front of the balcony window, moving the bombay chest used as a credenza across the living room and the love seat away from the fireplace halfway cross the room against the wall. It thus allows free space in my living room, much better for when there are guests and to get rid of my excuse of not doing 'floor exercise' -which is usually great for my abs-those inane muscles that play hide and seek with me for a yo yo waist line effect grrrrrrr. I think this will help tremendously....no excuses that my wii tennis is cheating for obstacles it should have seen! :)

I am gifted in organization. I am a multitasker. There are a few of us around..we seem aloof sometimes, very busy, often crazy, yet request little of anyone else, yet are mistaken as temperamental (please do not confuse us with 'temperamental'- self indulgent super-egocentric diva types). No, just focused in many directions. This is not craziness, but if we took the time to explain what and how we're doing what we're doing we often get sidetracked which makes us upset. We know its not your do, so we hide the disconcertedness, instead looking pensively distraught. However those watching us often think we'd expect the same of them. Oh heaven forbid, we do not take our eccentricities out on others, unless they are rude, brash, and condescending or patronizing..treating as if we were inane, inept five year olds.

This morning, what kind of crazy breakfast? But I listened to my bod. A cup of vanilla nonfat yogurt mixed with a crumbled chewy chocolate chip granola bar, and half a dose of bran flakes. Then half a piece of honey wheat bread with about an ounce of lean turkey kielbasa. And lime sun tea with sweetener. Bizarre, but good and I guess very healthy. About half the calories of that stupid griddle cake, sausage and egg, and old fashioned donut and twice as satisfying...

Crazy too, the other day, I was so fed up with the nutrition tracker, as it was taking forever and the calories and nutrition were wrong on every thing I tried to put on there, even something that I know that I'd entered correctly a few days before. So, I went a day without it. The next day I looked to see how badly that I'd messed up. I found out that carbs were right, fiber right, proteins right, iron right, salt alright, fats right...Oh no, I was under the amount of calories...I think I'll let that slide :) It helps to know that you can listen to your body and are familiar enough with the diet to keep on track...majorly cool.

Oops. No great weight loss to put on here, but I'm learning, and having some fun (we will not go into the frustrations! ).

Have a great, glorious, fit, nutrition smart day!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    No. I guess that wasn't your first blog. This was. As for only reporting the good news, there was a study that showed that people who only report the good news have better luck in their endeavors. Glenn
    1772 days ago
    One gets in all the exercise they need when baby sitting a one year old. Ha!
    One needs to eat to just keep up their strength. Ha!Ha!

    Best wishes, my friend,
    1780 days ago
    None of need to get too flustered if we goof up now and then. Nobody said we are supposed to be perfect.

    1789 days ago
    We all have those crazy days! I majorly blew it Sunday with pancakes but I just could not help myself-lol! I too am great at multi-tasking although sometimes I can get scattered.
    1789 days ago
    I did notice the nutrition tracker is wrong! Maybe everyone is adding tier own things but 80 calories for instant mashed potatoes but when I first started it was like 220 calories...hmm...this may be a setup to us...I need to start double checking!

    Your breakfast sounds so yummy!
    1789 days ago
    You got a job - lucky lady, and to move all that furniture around your "wonder woman"!!
    I ate two white powered doughnuts this morning, not good at all.. I know. Take it easy! emoticon emoticon
    1789 days ago
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