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What exercising has taught me (with before and now photos)

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

I have been active all my life, but in the past few years I have not been a religious exerciser - until a year and a half ago, that is. Since then, I have been a regular exerciser, finding new ways to get moving, and patiently waiting as the changes happen.

Through this time I have learned a lot about exercise and my reactions to it.
I have noticed that while I am definitely older, I CAN still DO pretty much anything I set my mind to. I may have a few limitations here and there, but since I was never a world class athlete in the first place, this does not bother me. I used to run, but I was never a speed demon. I played several sports while in school, but I was never the star player. I was a jack of all trades and master of none in sports - but I had fun.

Now, I am a master at knowing my body, what it needs to progress, when it needs to rest, when it needs to be pushed, and which muscles were worked last. Yes, there is sometimes muscle soreness the day after an intense workout, but as I remember, that same thing happened to me when I was twenty, too! You push it, you feel it, end of story.

So here are some of the little things I learned while exploring the world of exercise and fitness:

- My body will respond positively when treated positively. By this I mean that when I eat right and move as I should, my insides feel great and work efficiently.

- When I work my muscles hard, they may get a bit sore, but they will also get stronger and less sore the next time I work them.

- If I miss a few days of working out, I can tell the difference with the intensity, I regress a bit.

- If I overwork my body, it will practically shut down and want a nap, usually on Saturday afternoons.

- Regular exercise makes for a great night's sleep, not that I had any problems before, but now sleep is even deeper and more restorative.

- Regular exercise also increases my confidence, feels like I can take care of myself in any way that is presented.

- My balance is better, my muscles are stronger, and I remain as flexible as ever, all which allow me to play whatever I want to play - Golf, tennis, volley ball, bowling, roller skating, biking, rowing, hiking, - all the fun exercising!

When I was heavier I could still move, I was still strong, but now I am much better = faster and even stronger.

Spark friends, all I can say is you've got to move it so you can keep moving it.
Use it or lose it!
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