Nutrisystem Flex Program - Again...

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

In mid January 2013 I ordered the Nutrisystem Success program from QVC, when it was their Today's Special Value, and am almost to my first goal of losing 30 lbs by July 2013. This program ran for 5 months on autodelivery.

When it ended, I Ordered another 6 week program. QVC had another Nutrisystem Success TSV on June 30th and I ordered the Variety package, I will start it in August and runs for 5 months on auto delivery like the January TSV. I will follow the same pattern in 2014.

The Nutrisystem programs on QVC are all Flex programs, 5 days of Nutrisystem food and two days on your own following the Nutrisystem guidelines each week. I like the QVC programs because they are a good value (abt $180 per month), bonus items each month, they send a variety of foods that change over time, the ultimate in convenience, and I like the Flex Program - it allows you to practice how you will eat in maintenance and have a night out without guilt. I also use the support line when I am struggling. If you prefer to choose your own meals then you should order directly from Nutrisystem. They do not seem to offer a flex plan anymore but you can order the monthly plan and delay shipments for a week each month.

My weight loss has not been rapid but it has been consistent. Given my age and health status - 58 almost 59 years old, petite, female, Rheumatoid Arthritis, and borderline low Thyroid - losing a lb a week is amazing!

So onward it is and I will update at each Goal post whether I hit my target weight or not.
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