Non Scale VICTORY!!

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

My husband and I have been doing 25 sit ups for a while now. We haven't moved up that number because we (I) haven't quite been ready to increase it yet.

Before 3 C-sections, I could do my sit-ups easily. Between the first and second, after waiting the required time, I could do sit-ups. After the second, I read that crunches were much better for you (plus they just felt easier) so I took the easy out. After the third, I didn't even try a sit-up.
Four years later, I'm all ready for some challenges and I realize that I cannot do one (not even one!) single unassisted sit-up! Somewhere in this struggle is when my awesome husband jumps in with the idea of starting out with 5 sit-ups and push-ups every day. He would put his feet on top of mine and hold his hand out. I went up as far as I could (which wasn't very far at all) and then I would grab his hand to help me past the break over point. The first few times, I was using his help A LOT!
By the time we reached 15 sit-ups a day, I was still using his hand but without as much force. Last week I was ecstatic because I was able to do one sit-up by myself!!
Today, I did FIVE sit-ups by myself!!
It's the best non-scale victory I've ever had!
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