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Keepin' it real -- motivation

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

A few days ago I made a list of things that are, for me, proven motivators. I am sharing my list with you all:

Keep a journal about your inner thoughts, emotions, issues that you are working on.
You will start seeing patterns and learn a lot about yourself!

Get a calendar and put stickers on to indicate days that you succeeded at some goal, whatever that may be. You will want to see your calendar full of pretty stickers!

Get on a roll.......say you are going to do something daily and that it is part of your everyday life
(like brushing teeth). Make it a ritual, a routine, a habit. Since I am a little obsessive (OK, a lot obsessive), this seems to work for me.

Caffeine. Yes, a jolt of caffeine does perk me up and get me moving. Not for everyone, I suppose!

Commit to an event with a specific time and place (ex: performance, contest, 5k run, class)

Want to be motivated to clean house? Invite someone over, have house guests (mother-in-laws are especially effective), imagine the President is going to come over for coffee. Watch an episode of "The Hoarders" on TV. Seriously, after that show, cleaning closets becomes my top priority. It nearly makes me hyperventilate.

Want to get rid of stuff? Try my game....."Toss Ten" AKA "Use it or Lose It".
I go through storage areas and find 10 things that have to get out of storage. I realized that if I were to do this daily, I would get rid of 3,650 things in a year!!!! So maybe playing the game daily is overdoing it! I either toss them, give them away, or put them into use somewhere. To avoid anxiety about giving stuff away and then feeling regret, I have a box that I call my "holding tank". I put stuff in there for Goodwill, but I leave it there for about one month to make sure that I really can let go.

Pretend you are someone else. This is fun and does give insights.
How would ________ (fill in the blank) handle this? Hint.....it is usually best to pick someone that you feel is successful at the task that is stumping you! :-)

Set up an experiment with a certain activity, behavior, food plan, food group. I love to try new things and see how things work. My intellectual curiosity keeps me going.

Feel put-together. I always do better when I feel like I am clean, well-groomed. I feel like this makes me more motivated and "successful" with whatever I am expected to do.

Dress appropriately. I really like dressing for the occasion and setting. I like figuring out how I can send a message with my clothes. It might mean showing I am part of a team at work (wear shirt with the logo, wear the colors, clothes that can get dirty). It might mean dressing cheerfully when I visit the nursing home (bright colors, interesting prints, flashier jewelry). It might mean dressing to inspire when I teach line dance (line dance t-shirt, boots, achievement award button). Feeling that I am dressed appropriately makes for a more enhanced experience.

Small starts. Something too big to tackle? Something you really dislike?
Do it for 5 minutes. Do one small aspect of it.
Take one step; make one call; research one piece of info;

Fear & Pain. I don't purposefully seek out negative things (at least, I don't think I do), but certainly hearing or experiencing the negative consequences of certain behaviors certainly makes me want to avoid that behavior. High blood pressure readings, hangovers, nausea from overeating, high triglyceride readings, muffin top spillage over waist bands........
yes, these and more have gotten me back on the track

And to end on a positive note.....Last, but certainly not least...........

Pleasure. Go after what feels good. Beautiful scenery, sunshine, cool breezes, delicious food, muscle movement, music, art, etc., etc.

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