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Pull Till You See Stars

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

" There are two ways of exerting one's strength : One is pushing down:; the other is pulling up." Booker T Washington

How are you doing with your weight loss and your life. Do you find ways to push you down. I am to tired to work out. I have no time for exercise. I don't know what to cook, and even if I did who has the time. What's the use it won't work. That's a bad idea . I am not good enough for success . Why even try. I give up.

How do you feel about and treat others?. Look at her, she is heavier than me. That idea will never work. You are to lazy. You'll never amount to anything. Where do you get your ideas. That won't work .Why bother. You should quit.

Or does this sound more like you. I will try . I will think about your idea and try to make it work. I will do what I want I will succeed . I will make this work. I will find the time I will see results.

She looks like I once did how about if I tell her about spark people and give her some pointers. While I am here visiting and have some extra energy why don't I help you to pick up. Maybe If you and I work together we can make that idea work .Never give up.

Try not to push others down. Spend more time pulling them up. Carry someone on your shoulders for awhile . Let them see the stars up close for once. Then stand back and watch how bright they shine.

Do this often , others will follow and then the whole world will be brighter. Sparkers are like sparklers let's show the way it 's done.

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