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It's Been One Week

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Well, okay, it's actually been a little bit more than one week, but beginning last Sunday (9 days ago) my husband and I talked, high-fived, and committed to healthier choices. And we've stuck with it!

First, the plan: Using the SparkPeople tools we know and love, we set our individual weight-loss and calorie-burn goals. I knew I needed to push myself a little, but still be reasonable, which means a goal of losing 5 pounds a month and burning 2000 calories a week.
Now, I decided to drill it down a bit for both eating and exercise. In regards to eating, I know that if I make healthier choices (more whole grains, fruits, veggies, & less processed stuff and excess sugars) I am not craving junk nearly as much or going out of my mind with hunger. That said, NOTHING is "off limits". As Lysa Terkeurst says in "Made to Crave", you can have anything you want but that doesn't make it beneficial. And for exercise, it's best for me to do a minimum of 10min EVERY day. Yes, everyday. It gives me momentum against the slew of excuses that seem to pour down and reminds me that I am worth spending 10 minutes of time on myself each and every day of the week.

Second, the reason: Well, there are many reasons. My body reflects my poor choices both in appearance and the way my digestive system has issues, my back seems to have more problems and my skin isn't as nice. I FEEL GUILTY AND ASHAMED when I stop taking care of myself. I also lose confidence in myself in general and feel imprisoned by the vicious cycle of emotional eating. I just find it very hard to feel loving toward myself when I'm not acting in a loving manner to myself.
My husband has some of these reasons as well and we both agreed that we don't want to be "on a diet". We want a lifestyle change. We want to ride our motorcycles, try rock climbing, maybe even go skydiving! We want to live life to the fullest and have adventures together and quite honestly, that's not going to happen on the couch. We also believe in the redemption and love of Christ and feel moved to draw closer to Him. For me, this is huge because I've been battling with being overweight since childhood and despite coming from a great home and being educated and fairly successful - this is one area where I have not tasted victory. I can make choices, but I need the power of God to help me when the only thoughts in my head are "how worthless I am and I might as well just eat that whole pan of brownies because things are never going to change". God has brought me through some pretty rough stuff and I believe with His help, I can do this.

Third, the results (so far): Without overanalyzing how much is water weight, etc, I can declare that in 1 week, I am down 2 pounds. I took measurements to have a baseline and I have done at least 10min of activity everyday (even the one day I REALLY didn't want to and felt I had a legit reason not to...I still did it), I haven't gone over my upper calorie limit (even though I had to settle for a salad for dinner one night because I had kind of blown it for lunch), and I actually burned 2500 calories last week!! I also had labs done with my doctor to get a baseline of cholesterol and other health factors - my actually physical is a week from today.

Finally, as I was reflecting this morning on sharing this, I was thinking how for months I couldn't seem to muster to courage and motivation to do this. And these nine days haven't been easy....having to plan and prepare, denying myself the ice cold after-work cocktail or the cookies in the breakroom, and even having an allergic reaction to dinner one night and the day my digestive system freaked out to eating pineapple on an empty stomach (bad idea). I don't think I magically was granted the motivation. I was apprehensive to make the decision. Again. I wanted to make excuses about how we're too busy, too stressed, or it's just too hard to keep track. But in reality I couldn't stand feeling bad about myself and knew that I had to just make the decision and commit to it wholeheartedly. I have been telling myself each day that this is the path to freedom and that I don't want to CHEAT myself anymore! The delicious pastries in the Starbucks case aren't evil... but they don't love me. The scrumptuous stuffed pizza from the store isn't the downfall of mankind... but it just leaves me hungry for more. Food isn't "bad" or "good" but it can no longer be the object of my desire (obsession), the place I go for comfort, or the source of my identity. I am a beautiful creation here and now and I have the ability to CHOOSE my path to health and a full life. THAT, my friends, has been keeping me going.

May you all be blessed on your paths as well!
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