51 Years Old

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Happy Birthday to me. emoticon

I am still looking for those good works He prepared for me to do from before I was born . . .

Yesterday looked at Target for electric skillet, as I got an $8 pkg of 90% ground beef for $4 off at ALDIs, and the skillet I had in ministorage is falling apart literally at the seams. I haven't cooked for 2 weeks so everything I had is pretty much used up and / or went bad in ice chests, so it's time to start over. Instead of an 11 inch skillet plus a huge one, Target had a 12 inch skillet plus a huge one. I looked at and didn't buy the 12 inch, which was $22 (an okay price, sort of) and was coated with toxic Teflon.

I stopped by Goodwill and got an all metal electric skillet for $7. I plugged it in before I went through check out, and it heated up. I still have to make sure it actually works though, and I only have 7 days to return it if I find issues. It is small, 11-12 inch size, but for the price I am happy. The lid and the base are both bright shiny metal - probably aluminum alloy. No teflon - YAY! $7 - YAY! Funny, the lid has very high sides and is about 3X larger in volume, taller, than the base of the skillet. I wonder why they designed it that way . . . overkill on the lid . . . surely no one needs that much steam which is the only possible purpose I can see . . . they should be reversed, the base should be that big and deep so you could cook more . . . I always look at the way things are engineered and wonder WHY . . . but since I'm single it doesn't matter, I don't need more room.

We had a rainy night, and I slept early because I was so tired. It's rare to get a full 8 hours sleep in the car, but I did and I feel better this morning. It is overcast with gray clouds racing by at a low level, as if you can touch them, and feels like it might rain at any moment.

This morning I went to ALDIs for a produce run, and we had a downpour while I was inside. I will wash the electric skillet & make a salad at work today, and get more ice. We run a skeleton crew most afternoons and evenings, so it will be easy to be discreet. And I use all my own stuff, including dish detergent. Just their sinks and water. I will go in early with only the skillet, and hope everyone has left so I can do those things early before my shift. If people are there, I'll have to wait to do the produce until a more discreet time, such as during my break and/or after work.

And tonight after work I will be cooking late at ministorage, and if it's not raining, start going through stuff and straightening up the mess there. Since this is a short week and I've applied everywhere I can already, I'm going to focus on online apps and working at ministorage for the rest of this week. But next week I'm going to a new town, Huntersville, which is halfway between Mville & Charlotte, and apply at all their temp agencies - which I will look up and write down and mapquest this week.

Also I'm going back to the unemployment office tomorrow to apply for the ones I find online today, that they have to screen first.

Also since this is a short week for employers and temp agencies, this would be a good week for me to check further into a YMCA membership (to have access to showers).

And today begins my "work week" at the piddly pay job; working Tues thru Sat this week. We expect to be super dead on the holiday, July 4th, so we'll take advantage of having no customers and that will be a massive cleaning day. I usually make plans to take my birthday off, and make plans to watch fireworks on the 4th, but this year with everything going on I completely spaced off both (a sign of old age, ha!), and both crept up on me. I wish I had moved out sooner, and gotten the negativity and trauma out of my life sooner. Then I wouldn't be missing out. Oh well. Since I didn't request the time off a week+ ago, I have to work both. Which really is fine, I'll take the pay, piddly as it is. Fireworks are only once a year, and I love them, so I usually try to take advantage of those. Oh well.

Maybe I'll celebrate my birthday this Sunday. We'll see. I will probably be too busy with church and laundry and the usual.
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