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Excuses, excuses!

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

So SparkCoach's task for today is blogging about excuses. I have a lot of trouble with maintaining regular strength training workouts -- even when I tell myself, it's just 10 minutes! I have no legitimate excuses. They are all just laziness:

1. I'm not doing strength training because I don't want to haul the computer down to the studio.
(Like there's not a GREAT dvd sitting down there waiting for me? A dvd I like so much I bought it twice??!! Also this excuse is just allowing me to maintain the disaster area that is our bedroom.)

2. I'm not doing it because I'm already done for the day. My workouts are over.
(Says who? There's no reason I can't work out after the baby has gone to bed.)

3. It's only 10 minutes. I'll make it up tomorrow.
(Yeah and that means 20 minutes tomorrow. Or 30 minutes 3 days from now. Why not just get it over with today? This is the excuse I hear myself making all the time.)

4. I'm already in my PJs.
(Like you sweat SO MUCH when you're doing crunches. Give me a break.)

5. I don't have time in the morning.
(If you'd get better sleep, you could get up 15 min earlier.)

6. But I did my hour of cardio -- that's the HARD part!!
(Oh this one, this excuse ... I don't know how to fight this one. Yes cardio is more "work" for me, but I recognize the importance of strength training. Maybe I can turn this one around and say "You DESERVE an easy workout for all the hard work you put in today." I mean, it's not like a 55-in Tae Bo ultimate workout. It's 10 minutes on the floor with a dumbbell.)

I will share a tip (for those of you reading this) from a workshop I went to on teaching adults to maintain habits. If you make a calendar or schedule of your planned workouts for the month or week, put a large check box beside the steps or workouts you want to acknowledge that you've completed. But don't just check off the box -- make it large enough that you can actually color it in, with a pencil or pen or whatever. The physical activity of actually coloring in the box creates a stronger motivation to continue with the activity than simply crossing it off or checking a box. Interesting, yeah?

I'm off to make a resistance training calendar with large checkboxes!
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