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Monday, July 01, 2013

From the title of this blog you must be able to tell I've run out of title ideas! Too funny!!! Just checking in. Letting the fingers flow, see what comes out today. I had a really nice weekend. Very mellow. It's a heatwave here, so temps up around 110 degrees for the week. Makes spending time inside very attractive. I have been swimming, that's about it lately. I felt silly going to water aerobics when I have a perfectly great swimming pool right here, just waiting for be used. So I've been swimming for about a month. But, I think, I will start water aerobics again soon. Something really great about having a class, and a set 1 hour time frame that is very motivational and effective. I've been doing little things here and there most days, exercise wise, but nothing spectacular. The scale is up one and down one for months now. Which is frustrating, but I know the reason why, my eating is not as clean as it should be, and my fit mins aren't as high as they should be. Pretty simple.

These last few weeks my mental health is all I've really been focused on. Took an extra day off work, which leaves me working 3.5 days now............and I have to admit, I quite like it! The home needs are taken care of, and I feel like I have enough time to do the little things I really love, like cook, read, watch good movies and catch up with friends and family. All work and no play makes for a very unhappy me. I'm assuming I will pick my Thursday's back up in a few months, but in the mean time, I'm really enjoying the extra time off.

My step-son comes for his summer visit in a few weeks. It's a scramble to get our finances in order so that we can both afford the time off while paying all our bills and having extra cash to do fun stuff. We have a lot of local things we can do that won't break the bank, so we are really looking forward to that.

The plan for now, after my step-son leaves, is to start saving as much as possible to make the move to Southern Oregon before next summer. We are pretty devoted to this plan at this point, and barring an extreme catastrophe, we should be able to execute said plan within the next 6-12 months. I was talking to my Mom about it today, and she is really supportive and understanding, and I really appreciate that. Tim is hopeful that once we get up there he will be able to apply for the local driving position through his company, which will be so incredible. He hasn't had a home every night job in years and years. I am seriously considering looking for work outside of the hair business to start off. Maybe something working with kids again, or maybe something I just haven't thought of yet. Craigslist here I come!!!! Ultimately I'd like to either own my own barbershop, or go back to school and become a speech pathologist. I know, two very different directions, but these are the two things I'm interested in long, only time will tell if either of these roads proves fruitful for me. I do love barbering, but part of me feels it could be nice to get out of the profession before my body starts falling apart. It's not the easiest job on your feet/neck/wrists and back. So, maybe there is a career change on my horizon. I am growing more and more excited and hopeful about the move as the months progress. Not too long ago the idea of it really upset me. But lately it seems more and more appealing. I will miss my family, and maybe even my job. But I know if we never try we will regret it, and that is enough of a reason to give it a shot.

Went to see my counselor today. I am really enjoying our time together. She is a very nice lady and I really feel comfortable spilling my guts to her. I think her recommendations have been very helpful, and I am enjoying all the personal questionairs we have been filling out. Getting to know myself from these little sheets is kind of fun. I know a little quiz isn't going to pinpoint everything about me, but it has been enlightening.

I took the steps to find a psychiatrist today and expect a call back next week. I am really excited about that. I haven't seen one in atleast 4 years. So, it's time. I think I really need to reassess my medications and possibly learn to deal with my condition in a better way than I have been for the last 6 years. Self medicating with food is just not the best way to deal with stress.

So, cheers to progress, no matter how slow, it's still in the right direction!!!
Happy 4th of July, hope you all have fun with your families and friends.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    yay for time off, it's much needed and we as workers don't get enough of it, in places like france they have much better ratio of time off/time worked. i feel like my new job is a little closer to recognizing that workers are PEOPLE not machines, i hear they feed you lunch 2wice a week!! ;) i am glad you are finding support for your mental health as well! we're good here on spark, but far from professionally trained :P

    you know, you've made the leap from cali before, and it's good to know you can always come back if being away from the fam doesn't work for you. hopefully you will finds some new opportunities up there and tim can find something to get settled into that doesn't take him so far from you. sounds like an adventure. i'd love to sell everything, get an airstream, pack up the kitty and drive around exploring!
    1751 days ago
    Hey Luvbird. So what is up with your bunny? Just curious. Did I miss something along the way?

    Anywho, on to topics at hand. I cannot tell you how much we love Southern Oregon. I know you find your way there. I love that you have given yourself more time to have time for yourself. I hope great vitality fills those moments!

    Sounds like your putting effort into your path. I send you great faith and hope for your journey!
    1752 days ago
    Yes, any job with repetitive movements is difficult over time and a career change might be very exciting! I'm also wondering what to do when my body can't make any more pottery.
    I'm happy to hear that you are getting excited about moving to Oregon. Closer to Canada than CA and once in a while I do get to Vancouver, BC!

    1752 days ago
    I go to water aerobics too. Classes are nice because there are other people there that you can relate to, talk about fun stuff and look forward to. Going at it alone it hard.

    Good luck with your other goals. Sounds like you know what you want.
    1752 days ago
    Sounds like you've got some great plans in place and are moving forward in what you need. Congrats!
    1752 days ago
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