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Monday, July 01, 2013

Owing to people on this site wanting to know what I am doing in pursuit of this weight loss since the beginning of this year 2013 I have kept a weight loss diary where I write down my thoughts, feelings and ideas that I encounter on this journey. If it is good enough and I succeed in reaching my goals I may attempt to put it into a book to share with many others.
Anyway - this is my story and I shall en devour to add a new part of my weight loss story each week on either the Sunday or the Monday.
Well - Here goes

What Made Me Do Something About My Weight (part 1)

Weight is an issue that confronts many people at some point of their lives. Indeed if you are one of those people who can eat what you want and never weigh yourself to check that your weight is healthy and perfect then you are in a very lucky minority. The majority of us have weight that can escalate out of control if we were not to pay attention to the amount of food and the kind of food that we eat. In reading about food I was horrified to find out the consequences of eating just one small slice of buttered toast or two small standard biscuits more than the body needs each day over the course of a year. The results were similar when eating just one small party size or mini size chocolate bar. This amount over your body requirement in a year will result in most fully grown people gaining a total of between one and two stones, 14 to 28lbs or 6 to 13 kilograms.

As it goes on so very, very gradually you do not notice it. You decide to buy clothing in the next size up so it feels more comfortable and continue to do what you have been doing. There then becomes another time that occurs in the future when you decide to repeat the procedure upping your size of clothing yet again for comfort by which time you often forget about the fact that you have done this before. Now this extra slice of toast or the occasional pig-out at an all you can eat buffet continues lets say over five years. You have now experienced a weight gain of between 5 and 10 stones. (70 & 140 pounds or 33 & 66 kilograms) Now imagine someone doing this sometimes overeating on some days and not compensating by eating less on other days to balance this out over a period of twenty years plus and you will quickly come to realise that I was first approaching a time when excessive weight was going to begin to have a dangerous effect on my health. My direct family background is virtually 100% diabetes type 2 which has hit everybody between the ages of 50 and 60. At the age of 48 and being over 10 stones (140lb/66kg) overweight it seems that I am a diabetes type 2 statistic waiting to happen. The situation rapidly hits you and you find yourself going from saying “Maybe I should consider doing something about this situation” to “I have got to do something about this situation and I have got to do it NOW.”

At the beginning of 2013 I knew this was going to be the year to do something serious about this. Everybody around me was making new year resolutions about loosing weight, stopping smoking, exercising more, studying more etc. and I must admit that it was at this time when I decided that this year was the year that I was going to do something about it.

Unlike everybody else I did not make a new years resolution and tell everybody about it. My reason for not doing this was because I wanted this to work – I really wanted it to work. I for one do not know anybody who has been successful in carrying out a task that started life as a new year’s resolution. When you look at it – it is very easy to see the reason why. It is because most people tend to discourage you to stick to it.

Say if you decide to give up alcohol at new year – how long is it going to be before you are pulled in by your friends that may want you to join them for a few bevies after work, or want to get smashed with you at a party. You go with them, break the resolution and then give up. You see it every time a new years resolution fails.

In working as a teacher I have found one particular motto to be more accurate than any other. That is: “You become the people you hang about with and the books you read.”
I with my wife have raised our three children (now mostly grown up) with this motto applying and I must say that I have no complaints about the way they have turned and the way that they are turning out.

To give up something like drinking or smoking, it can be made even more difficult if you are among fellow drinkers or smokers, the same if you are overweight and hanging around with overweight people. In taking on a resolution to succeed you have to take a different path to those around you which in some cases can get in the way of your existing friendships. This is a real test of determination as it is not just your ability to carry out this resolution; it is the ability to carry out the task even when it tests the true extent of your friendship with your existing friends.

Am I proud of my children?

You bet your bottom dollar I am but are they proud of me?

Now that is a question. I know they are very proud of the fact that I am a music teacher that has helped many children and adults aspire to be good musicians, some of them great musicians. They are very proud of the fact that I am a composer with over a hundred pieces of music to my name where they can play my music to their friends being able to say “My Dad Wrote That.”

The attempt to loose what is amounting to over 12 stone (168lbs or 75kg) of excessive weight is also something I know will inspire them and hopefully in turn make them very proud of me.

So having attained by the New Year that I was going to do something about my weight it was then a case of working out how I was going to do it. There are many diets out there and it seems that virtually all of them seem to have very little to do with actually loosing weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Most of the diet clubs and schemes seem to be the same as the emphasis seems to be more based at making money. I can well imagine that being encouraged by like minded people can be very inspirational and having tried weight watchers a number of years ago I must say that whilst I was on the program I did loose weight. The problem was when I came off the program the feeling of elation was really something. I felt free, like a prisoner who had done his time and was now free of it. I was lighter and I didn't need to take that much notice of what I eat anymore, like those skinny people who can get away with eating just about anything. You can no doubt guess what happened. The weight I had lost gained back in weeks and the following year I found myself a stone (14lb 6.3kg) heavier than when I first went on the plan. By the way I lost 3 stone (42lb 19kg) over a year and then gained it all back plus another stone on top in the next six months.

I knew that for me, a club was not the answer. I already had the inspiration, it was called :

“Wanting to live to an old age,”

“Wanting to meet prospective grandchildren,”

“Not wanting diabetes in the next five years,”

“Not wanting to be obese any more”

“Not wanting to go to outsize clothes shops any more,”

Etc. etc. etc.

In short the inspiration was not as important to me as the horror of the consequences that I would face if I didn't do this.

(to be continued in part two)
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  • PATTIE441
    You are awesome! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1752 days ago
  • MINEA999
    Thank you for sharing - it's very thoughtfully written.

    1755 days ago
  • INSH8P
    So many details here to ponder.... Thank you, Trev, for sharing.
    1756 days ago
    Very well-written, a delight to read. Thank you for sharing.
    I have a feeling you're going to be a featured member on SparkPeople as one the Success Stories or a SparkPeople Motivator in the very near future.
    1757 days ago
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