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Monday, July 01, 2013

So, with gym membership out of my budget, I am trying to do this fitness thing on the cheap. I usually keep it pretty basic with the free podcasts, walking, and dancing like a fool in my apartment, but lately I have wanted to shake things up a bit. After months of my roommate Oksana encouraging me to use her old school supplies, I finally am.

"What are these 'old school supplies'?" you might be asking yourself. Well, the first one is a jumping rope. I believe that the last time I used a jump rope was somewhere around 1995, when it was a fun toy I have fond memories of using at recess, and even a "jump rope for heart" fundraiser I once participated in as an elementary school student. It may seem like a fun and playful workout, but let me tell you -- I have no idea how I spent summer days jumping rope, riding my bike and climbing trees as a child, because JUMPING ROPE IS HARD!! I jump for what feels like an eternity only to find out that my seemingly strenuous exercise has lasted a mere 3 minutes! How do children do this?!?!?!? But it is also encouraging because after only 5 days, I can already feel increased firmness in my abs and legs, and every day I have a new consecutive jump record (today I hit 75!) I am also down 2 lbs, so I stand by jumping rope.

My second secret weapon?

I like to call it the Soviet ab roller. And I am using "Soviet" as a term of respect, because while it may appear humble, it is a force to be reckoned with. I am currently at 1 set of 10 reps (rolling out and back in, on my knees) and my abs will be in pain for the next day (or two). I have done more than my share of crunches, bicycles, oblique crunches, reverse crunches, Pilates exercises, blahblahblah, but STILL the strength and muscle pain of the Soviet ab roller are unique to me.

Thirdly, I have given a couple of the SP videos a try (the bollywood one and a 10 minute cardio kickboxing routine). They were quite fun and also a nice break from routine.

How about you? What free resources do you like to use? How do you shake things up to prevent boredom?
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