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June Results, July Goals -- Back to Basics

Monday, July 01, 2013

What a strange month!

Fitness Minutes: 3232 (almost identical to last month)
Pounds Lost: 2.6

1) Eat a salad a day emoticon I ate salad on 27/30 days of the month.
2) Continue to strength train at least 3x/week emoticon With the exception of the first week, I hit or exceeded this goal every week.

3) Meditate and/or practice goal visualization and mental calm about ten minutes a day emoticon I was really spotty with this and then gave up entirely. I think a regular meditation practice will really benefit me but I have to work my way up to a goal like this. This goal was a bit capricious and subsequently I failed to succeed on this front.

4) Lose at least 6 pounds
emoticon I'm really glad I lost weight this month but it obviously wasn't enough. I was lax in my eating and really went all out for my anniversary. As a result, I didn't lose even half as much as I wanted to. What's more is I started questioning my desire to even lose more weight. From a health perspective, I absolutely want to continue to lose. But I'm really happy with my appearance and I've been allowing that contentment to breed complacency. In July, I need to reaffirm my commitment to my goals. I have 8 more pounds to lose to get out of the obese category and I will do it!

5) Average less than 1400 calories a day for the month of June

Close but no cigar, I averaged about 1450 for the month.

6) Keep the log in, nutrition tracking water intake streak alive emoticon I'm on day 156 of my streak.

July will be back to basics. In June I had too many goals which diluted my focus. Since I'm doing BLC right now, I don't need too many goals -- the challenge will provide extra work for me several times a week. So, I'm going to keep my goals simple, small and manageable. Here they are.


1) Eat clean (whole foods, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, lean protein).
2) Keep the streak alive.
3) Lose 5 pounds.

That's it! Here's to July!
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