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Confessions of a Former Weight Loss Counselor #6

Monday, July 01, 2013

I love to get creative with my snacks! I have my favorites which certainly keep me on track, but man do I love landing on a “new” recipe or perhaps a friend will suggest something different. My taste buds are ever roaming the refrigerator for something nutritious AND delicious! My latest fetish, if you will, has been plain rice cakes with a cream cheese wedge (such as Laughing Cow) with a sprinkle of a chili seasoning mix (I created from an online recipe) and as a finishing touch, some canned hot peppers from a dear friend. YUMMY-rific! It seemed like this snack hovered around for about a week, lol, when I finally ran out of rice cakes, hee, hee. It came in at 90 calories.

My thought is this. I have struggled to get to a healthy weight for a long time. I have tried everything twice, and I still failed! Why am I succeeding this time? Well, for one thing, I decided to take the pressure off. Sure, I have goals, and I am sorely disappointed if I don’t reach them, but if I worked very hard all week and my scale STILL sticks its tongue out at me with a “Sorry sucker, better luck next time!”, I don’t let that deter me. I.don’t.give.up! And I encourage you, don’t you dare give up either! Why you may ask? Why I have tried and tried and tried and NOTHING is working?! Because dear friend, if you determine to NEVER give up, your body will have to cooperate, this may be suddenly, or this may take a while, but trust me it has to do something if you change because physical, metabolic and scientific LAWS apply here, your body must obey them!

I think it’s more of a mind game than a physical one for me. If I could only get my mind to realize that my body really wants to be healthy and be a normal weight. Yeah, that’s tricky for me. Not that I don’t REALIZE that in my mind, or haven’t for years, lol, oh no, I have, I just haven’t had any POWER to do it! It’s like sure eating celery sounds great, and then I’d walk away and eat a couple of cookies. Years and years of that kind of thinking and acting got me where I am. Always knowing what to do, but never able to do it. The misery was so overwhelming, the tears, my God, the tears I cried over and over and over again.

Then it happened. I came to a point in my life where the pain I was in was deeper than the food could reach. There was a real void, and I knew from that moment on December 19th, 2012, that I could never be the same. I’m so glad I made that solid decision, and I am learning so much. Even this morning for brunch, I still rarely ever eat breakfast, I know, I know, bad girl, but it’s so hard, I fixed myself a tuna fish sandwich with real mayo, oh yes, I don’t play ;) on whole wheat with a small side salad. Where I got creative with this one was the toppings. I used a dollar store trail mix that I carefully measured to splash on my salad. It made that salad go from ho hum to oh the fun in two seconds flat, lol. Eating nutritious, healthful foods doesn’t mean you have to eat like a bunny! You can have lots of fun with colors and extras, and I highly encourage that for all of us.

We are designed and stimulated by beautiful, wondrous things. Naturally we get excited about a misty forest, beautiful sunset or raging waterfall, this is true for whatever we partake in, including food. Food should have value, be good for us and keep us fueled, but it doesn’t have to be boring! Perish the thought! No instead, I think it is great if we embrace our need to feel good and apply that to our food, if we do, who knows maybe a pound or two will find itself off of our hips and into the air to be enjoyed by, well, no one, lol, but won’t we the happier for it!

Woo Hoo! We can do this. One small step if need be, but as long as one foot is in front of the other, that’s all that really matter because nothing in motion stops! NOTHING including you and me!

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    I never looked at food like that! This may be my 'missing link'! Thanks.
    1790 days ago
    Just the reminders I needed today! I agree, the mental piece of this journey is critical to success in the physical domain.
    1790 days ago
    Thanks for sharing.
    1790 days ago
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