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Summertime and the Living is Easy.

Monday, July 01, 2013

Oh , how I wish that was true.
Summer brings nicer weather. Great cookouts. Camping. Vacation from school. Sometime that is not a blessing, according to parents.
Summer also brings us the fact that the year is half over and the realization that time is going too fast.
Summer also has it's down side, like forest fires. the tragic death and injuries of fire fighters . People lose their homes. Animals are displaced , some parish.
The extreme heat causes the elderly the frail to suffer, some die. Animals are especially venerable. Left outside with not much shade, sometimes none at all, little water, they suffer an agonizing death. Or the terrible suffocation of being left in a hot car. That also happens to small children.

There are too many irresponsible people in the world. I know we can't police them all, but we as responsible citizens can be aware of situations and step in an help when we can. Just be on the alert for dangerous situations.
Look out for elderly neighbors. If you know of outside dogs, horses, other animals, look around see if they have the needed shade, water. If not call the authorities. Please don't think someone else will do it. Don't hesitate to speak out against abuse to any living soul.

I have been mentions how hot it is here in Salem, Or. It's going to reach 97 today. I'm sure some of you think, but it's so much hotter else where. Well you are right. But most of those cities, states are used to extreme hot summer temp. Salem, Or. is not.
One of the reason I would never live in Arizona, unless in winter only is the heat. I couldn't stand it.
In my younger years, I didn't think twice about baking in Palm Springs in 105 degrees. Laying out by the pool all day. As long as I had a pool or ocean , nice cool water, the heat never fazed me.
Well those days are over. For one thing I would never again lay out in the sun, knowing what the sun damage can do. And the heat is unbearable. One of the effects of my aging years.
If I didn't have a Doctors appointment this afternoon I would head to the coast to enjoy sea breeze, warm temps, but not the humid sweltering ones the valley is experiencing. Making plans to leave tomorrow for the 4th of July weekend.
The tub repairs job requests always slow this week, so don't worry about lost business.

I didn't schedule a art/craft show this week, must have had a premonition the weather was going to be "HOT". It gets even hotter if set up on some asphalt
parking area, With only a portable canopy to keep the sun off. The heat radiates from the black asphalt ad it's not pleasant.
I did do a show in a park with trees, grass, water fountain,, it was 15, 20 degrees cooler and didn't mind the 3 day show. But also found out too much heat, and people don't buy as much. More browsing. Go figure?

To some of you you know I create one of a kind pieces of jewelry which I sell at craft shows and on line and some speciality shops.
I mentioned the other day being lazy and instead of spending hours making a bracelet I used memory wire to make some. Using less time and less expensive materials, keeps the cost down. I do like to have merchandise for everyone.
Memory wire is just a it sounds. A wire that keeps it's shape. It comes in 5 ft. coiled lengths, I then cut it into as many coils as I want the bracelet to be. One end is formed into a small loop with my jewelry pliers and the beads are strung on, then the other end is formed into a loop and volia you have a bracelet. You take one end start coiling it around your wrist and regardless of the wrist size it will fit. To remove you uncoil it. So here is a photo of the two I made . I have others, but you get the idea.

Here is a photo of a more complicated bracelet. The little dangles take time to make, it's also gem stones, crystals, pearls , with sterling silver clasp and spacers.

Here's a bracelet I just finished. It's mother of pearl shell in rust,copper double drilled with copper toggle clasp.

I fell in love with the shades in these shells sticks beads and they only had one so, even if I wanted to I don't know if I will ever make another. So I am not sure I will sell it. As much as I love bright colors like purple, turquoise, hot pink. The jewelry colors , stones I ware the most are autumn shades.

Here's one I just completed. i like to give pieces names . This was in the almost completions stage when I realized I had the carnelian leaves, added them in the dangle and called it Autumn Leaves. I had bought the round multi colored, rust , yellow, cream, touch of green agate beads years ago and just now felt the urge to create the necklace I made.

I love casual jewelry. I also like each piece to make a statement. I don't make little dainty pieces. I like large stones, beads.
When I started I was very heavy, OK, I was obese. A very big wrist, neck. Most commercial jewelry didn't always fit larger women. I catered to a group of hard to fit women. It also seems women of size seem to stick together. We understand each others needs.
They loved the fact that they could have stylish, jewelry for wrists, in chokers, necklaces and ankle bracelets that fit them. I had normal smaller women ask me what about them. Funny having the table turned like that.
Of course I would oblige if asked, re-size something,. Now that I am normal size myself, I haven't forgot my past costumers. I still design for them, using large stones and adding length when needed.

Here's a couple of my favorite designs. Many of these can be seen on my photo page. There you can make the picture larger, get a better view.
The multi stones with turquoise and copper is called South West Bo Ho.
The one with bathing suit girls is South Beach girls.
Vintage Pearls. All in lavender,purple with pendant sparkling crystals in purple, pink.
Green/brown beads with dangles, Terra Nova .
The Gold shell charm pendant with gold beaded dangle is Neptune Treasure.
The Star Fish, no explanation needed for that title.
I'm still in the process of setting up a web page probably on Etsy. I do have photos on my Facepage too.

This morning I was tired, not feeling the best. But I read my horoscope it said,"
"The outcome of your day will depend not only on what you do, but also on the order in which you do things . The best order is to first do the things you don't want to do, and then do whatever you want.".
So I got dressed , took Titan and did a two mile walk. I weighed before leaving, also ate breakfast. took water, drank some while out. Came home drenched in sweat, weighed myself, I had lost 2.6 lbs. I know it's just water, but it shows how important it is to hydrant as you walk, jog or workout.

Couple of day ago I went into the store, saw a shag hot pink scatter rug on sale. It was only $25.00 dollars, but as much as I liked it, I decided really didn't need it. Although I thought about it and almost went back to get it.
This morning on my way out to walk I had to toss the trash, upon opening the large dumpster, found folded up ever so nicely a hot pink shag rug. Just like it was waiting for me. I took it out opened it up, expecting a mess , but no, it was perfect, even fresh washed. So of course I now have the hot pick rug I wanted and it didn't cost me anything. Oh I did wash it again just to make sure it was nice and clean. Am I lucky or what.????

I like to make my own jewelry displays, I have been making some new ones and here again I stumbled upon some perfect material in the dumpster. Also a frame that I will fill with cork board , add hooks to and display long necklaces.
If I was to start over in a career, should be a dumpster diver, selling trash to treasure. I would probably make a killing.

The other day I got lucky with some tenets moving out and having no place for a lovely artist easel. So now I have another. It's larger than the one I have, hold bigger canvases. Good for some painting that I plan on doing later this fall and winter. I am starting to get mew ideas and getting the drawing, painting urge.

Well my dear Spark friends. I have rambled on and the day is passing.
I do want to take the time to thank each and everyone of you for all your lovely comments and support you continue to give me.
I was reading a few older blogs the other day and the comments were so wonderful to read. I know I don't always acknowledge each and everyone of you personally, it's something I have to work on.
So dear friends, take care, be strong, stay positive.
Rome wasn't built in a day.
Life long habits are hard to break , but if we keep working on the new, healthy way of life, those ways will become daily habits .
Peace and Love,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm one of those elderly neighbors you should look out for. Actually, I get up at 6:00 this time of year to walk the dogs - a couple of miles before the sun is up (actually, it is up for a few minutes before I get home, but the trees keep us in shade. It's hot here too - and very very humid.

    If you could see my forearms you would know what the sun will do to skin - and there's no cure. The treatment is to wear long sleeved shirts, unfortunately. Other than that, we all enjoy the walks, and do look out for other people and animals now.
    1769 days ago
    Tish - love your blog - love your jewelry ... especially that copper toggle bracelet. I tend not to wear jewelry as it tends to 'jump' off my body looking for a new home. Ugh, I remember trying to sell things in the heat of the summer. My BFF & I had new age store at one time and used to sell crystals, stones, incense, etc. You're right.... the hotter it is the more people just browse. Hope you're having a cool day to day.
    1776 days ago
  • JILL313
    Hi Tisha, It's taken me awhile to read your blog but as usual your blog was fun and interesting to read. We're in a heat wave here but it's kind of expected here in sunny So. CA. I'm now really glad I wasn't much of a "Beach Bunny" in my youth. My younger sister was always lying by her pool but she is paying the price now as recently had skin cancer on her face and her Dermatologist said she has pre-mature skin aging with all the damage the sun has done to her skin. But, about a year ago she had a cosmetic procedure done to her face and it did take away a lot of her wrinkles and spots, but certainly not all of them. . .she can get away with this much better than I as she's always been a little too thin and eats like a "Bird" and takes her dog out for daily walks. Thank you for warning us to be on the look out for elderly people and animals who can't fare for themselves well in the high heat/temps. Your jewelery is so unique and beautiful. I used to love to wear jewelery but being I'm still very overweight most of it doesn't fit my large wrist or neck. But, I'm working on it and hope next year to finally be under 200#s. It's taken me ages but I'm glad I've never considered quitting Spark. . .I'll probably be Sparking until I'm 102, if I still have my wits about me by then. I can't believe how lucky you are as you always have the best much needed treasures in your dumpster, I assume it's the big one where you live? You've always been and continue to be an inspiration for me. Thank you for letting us share a peek into your very interesting life. I hope it's cooled down there significantly for you so you can enjoy the rest of the Summer with more normal Oregon temps.

    Hugs & Love,

    1776 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Tisha thanks for showing us your beautiful jewellery. You are truly gifted. I love rocks and gemstones, we have buckets of them from our fossicking.
    Keep hydrated. emoticon Titan too.

    1782 days ago
    Hi Tisha. Thanks for the interesting blog.

    My DD often buys jewelry at thrift stores or garage sales and remakes it to suit her taste. She loves dangles, but not necessarily beads. She prefers to wear stainless steel or silver. She inherited the interest from my mom.

    I on the other hand, don't wear any jewelry except a few rings. (3 special ones on each ring finger)
    1782 days ago
    I love your jewelry! So pretty!!

    I also love that you got a pink rug like you wanted! That was so neat! I love pink.
    1783 days ago
    The jewelry is gorgeous Tish. I wish I lived close by, I'd buy some. I also love the names you give each piece. I never wore jewelry (costume) when I was obese, because as you mentioned my neck was too large, my wrists too large, nothing fit. So it's nice of you to custom make your jewelry to (now) fit all sizes. Now I love it all! In fact I found an idea on Pinterest to get shower curtain rings and hang the from a towel rack, and from each individual hook, you can hang one of your necklaces. That way you can see them all too, before I had every doorknob in my upstairs draped with a necklace so they wouldn't tangle!

    We have been having Oregon weather here in my corner of Nebraska the last couple days, highs in the low 80's. I love it. But it won't last. Already predicted to be in the high 90's Friday. Maybe we will get nice weather for the 4th of July party at our house.

    Your very last picture quotes a song from Katy Perry: "Firework." I picked that song to play as they introduced me on the Today Show last November. Now granddaughter calls it "Grandma's song" everytime she hears it on the radio.
    1783 days ago
    Your jewelry is beautiful. Thanks for sharing the pics with us and have a wonderful day.
    1783 days ago
    This was a nice long interesting blog -- but I also read your status about having surgery again. So this was a complicated day for you. I appreciate your clicking "like" on my status today because I had been thinking about you when I planned my July activities. I see your status updates and realize that no matter what, you focus on your exercise - and you do a lot of it while running a business and making your beautiful jewelry. I see that no matter what, you make your maintenance a priority. I see that no matter what, you find a way to put a positive spin on things. That is how I try to live my life too. This month I'm making moving my body a priority. I have a busy and interesting job - so if I have to get up earlier to fit that "me time" in, that's what I'm going to do. Thanks for being such a positive motivator and I hope you conquer this surgery issue with your usual aplomb.
    1783 days ago
    Thanks for sharing the lovely artwork that comes from your mind and hands. You really impress me with your creativity. Hope the heat cools off soon. I lived in Salem for about 5 years and LOVED it - partly because it didn't have the nasty heat. Have a blessed rest of your week.
    1783 days ago
    Yes my dear, you are a lucky girl! I love your jewelry, it is so nice. You do a lovely job.

    Hugs, Gail

    1783 days ago
    always a pleasure to read your blogs Tisha. you are very creative, i love your jewelry. i bought a few things myself on etsy, its a great site.
    good luck and have a great 4th of July emoticon emoticon .
    1783 days ago
    Oh those necklaces are so beautiful. I especially love the star fish one. I have several star fish necklaces but none of them compare to that amazing one you show here.
    That is so cool about the hot pink shag rug, I remember something like that happened to you before. You must have great karma :)
    1783 days ago
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, your jewelry is so beautiful and made with loving care as you keep in mind your potential customers i have supplies here and stones but I am a novice but it will be my next step after I finish crocheting a headband for my granddaughter for winter. Tisha you always give me incentive to do things I too used to lie in the sun for hours on the beach, no more with age, just way too hot and dangerous i also agree in keeping an eye out for our furry friends, the elderly too. Does not hurt to be aware. You are right you always manage to find a treasure in the dumpster. Hot pink would not be an easy color to find in a rug. The dumpster must have know you were coming lol Thanks again Tisha for a great blog! emoticon June
    1784 days ago
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