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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Usually I try to sort it all out myself and so far, it's worked out well. I feel like I'm running up against this brick wall of temptation and am in flux, totally torn.

For years I played a LOT of music. Guitar, keyboard, banjo, fiddle, dulcimer & whistle. Most of it was during the years just after the 1st time I lost 55#. The trouble with music is that it requires a whole lot of sitting. I'd sit for hours & practice and then just learning new tunes too. It all takes time & repetition - practice, practice, practice. Then playing gigs - more sitting. Then jamming - more sitting. But, I loved the music, loved playing. But, as much as I was enjoying myself, it was contributing to my weight gain in a big way. Lately I've seen some of the people I used to play music with and they keep urging me to start playing again, that I should not let the talent slip away. I gave up music to get healthy & lose weight. It DID work. It does seem though that just about all I do is workout. Being healthy also takes a whole lot of time. Two hours a day continuous cardio walking and daily hitting 20K+ steps, always over 9 miles/day. Then about 35- 45 min. of ST 4-5 days a week. When school is going it doesn't leave time for much else. Life has become working out without other fun things thrown in to spice it up. I DO love to walk - that isn't the problem. The problem is TIME - not having enough of it to be able to work in anything else.

Just am beginning to wonder how sustainable it is to strip life of things that are really enjoyable to have health. But, without health the rest of it doesn't matter. The old rock & a hard spot conundrum! I WILL figure it out and it may be that I have to abandon any thoughts of ever playing music again for the sake of health. Just hit a rough spot in the road where the thoughts of playing music again came flooding back to tempt me. Another thing for me to think about is this.....both of the people who are strongly urging me to pick up the fiddle again are so very, very unhealthy and out of shape. They're lovely, wonderful people, but spend no time at all on getting healthy or staying healthy. It just takes a lot of time to play music and they've also made their choice to play music without thinking about what it's doing to their health. Oh, I just do not ever want to go to that place again where I see my health slipping away. OK guys.....writing this down, talking out loud, has been excellent therapy. The more I wrote, the more the answer became clear. There is only one choice, I have to keep doing what I'm doing now. Just had to get my priorities straightened up. Get a reality check. Got it!!!

Thanks for bearing with me. I really needed to do that.

Mileage: 9.36 miles

Thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Sunday was blessed & fun. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Good thought processing :)
    1787 days ago
    You are making the best decision for you! If you could play once in a while it might make sense but the prep time would take away from the time you need to stay healthy. Good luck! I think you made the right decision!
    1787 days ago
    It is hard to strike a balance. Music could be a great activity for your "rest" day. All the fiddle players I know do it standing up. I would think that would burn more calories than sitting. I have a lot of things going undone right now because I am spending so much time exercising. I really need to find a happy medium.
    1787 days ago
    Well, personally, I think having been UNHEALTHY, I would choose health over most anything. But it is something we all have to decide for ourselves.

    HUGS and glad you blogged about this. It sometimes DOES seem like there are things in life that have to be at least changed in priority status, but that's what we have to do.

    1787 days ago
    It is hard to balance life and health. But balance is the answer. I really enjoy reading books - but I can't stay in bed and read because I have too much to do. You seem to be hanging in here - so keep on trudging. emoticon
    1787 days ago
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