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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Welp! It's been a year since I started my Spark journey. Successes, regrets, lessons, joys, and pain -- it's all been there.

In the last year, I've lost 30 pounds. I plateaued only 4 months into my journey, and have fluctuated no more than 3 or 4 pounds in either direction. I'm actually, surprisingly, quite pleased with these results, in spite of the fact that my goal is still 70 pounds off. Perhaps, my goal was too ambitious or impractical for my body type.

In the last year, I’ve become physically more fit, able to jump, walk and run, able to do things with my body that I hardly remember being able to do in my youth, willing to get up at ungodly hours to walk outside alone, mastered the technology that makes exercise fun and easy, invested in several exercise videos, learned new ways of healthy eating, and been loyal to eating the best foods at the hardest times.

I’ve fallen down and gotten up so many times, I stopped counting. I’ve learned that for every hardship, there are friends and family to boost you up and stay in your balcony, cheering you on. (I had learned long ago in my life to avoid those basement friends – you know the ones, they’re only with you when you’re down and they hate to see you go up to the balcony…) My Spark Friends are a special crew! Without their support, my suffering would have been insufferable! I would have had to do it by myself and I wouldn’t have known that people go through the same trials and tribulations as they take this journey. Our paths may be different, but they do cross. And these were perfect strangers to me, but because of our common goals, we didn’t have to suffer alone.

I surprised myself many times over the last year. I did things I didn’t know I could do, met challenges I hadn’t even dreamed of before, and have started to become the person, physically and even in many ways, spiritually, that I knew I could be.

So I’m proud of myself in many ways for the gains of the last year, and in some ways, a little disappointed about my total weight loss. In other words, I would LOVE to have lost more weight and met my goal, but I’m thrilled that I did even as much as I have. My body and my mind are totally different than they were a year ago, and I am extremely happy for it. I love getting dressed and wearing the shoes I want to wear without worrying that my back will go out for a week thereafter. I enjoy being able to sit with my legs crossed at the knee, rather than the ankle! I appreciate being able to lift my legs when I shower, painting my toe nails without going into all kinds of gyrations, walk up and down stairs without pain, and wear those size 12 jeans! WHOOOOOOOP! YEAH!!!

And can I just tell you all – on June 8th, I became a GRAMA!!!! A big 9-pound baby (small for our family, both of mine were 11 pounds!) named Ky’ree Amir was born, and I am happy to know that I am in shape to chase him around as he continues to grow!

So thanks, Spark Friends and Spark Guy! Thanks for the recipes and exercise tips, the videos and blogs, the sharing and the caring! I’m looking forward to continuing my journey and will report back next year also!
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