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Nightmare weekend.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

We had made plans to drive to the southern part of our state where my SIL lives to go to the tomato farms and buy tomatoes so we could make salsa this year. You can get cull tomatoes for $3per 5gallon bucket. So was going to be a good buy and get a visit with DH's sister in the process. Well we have 2 pickups. One is a 2007 and other is a 1997. Both are in really good shape (we thought) and the older one rides so much smoother than the newer one. So we decided to take it. He had just had a new a/c put in the truck and it was driving fine. This is a 350mile trip. We were within 50 miles of where we were going and the truck quit. Thank goodness a cool front was blowing in and so it was cloudy and the humidity was dropping. DH thought it was a fuel filter but having no spare and us thinking we are 10miles from nearest town to get one and no tools to change it. So after calling his sister, she goes to an auto parts place and got the filter and tools we needed. (thankfully the tools were on sale..regular $100 for the set were marked down to $40..So It took her about an hour to do that and get to us. Found out we weren't but 2 miles from the nearest town. Well DH changed the filter and it wasn't that...so SIL drove us to that town and we found a mechanic shop and he had tow truck and so we left it all in his hands and left to drive the 50 more miles to the SIL's house. Bad thing about it was she has a big car but had a bunch of her stuff in it and so with what we had put in from our truck, we were very cramped for that 50 mile drive. After getting to her house, we unloaded her entire car..hers and our stuff..loaded up the 4 buckets and went to the tomato shed. The tomatoes go straight from picking into a vat of bleach water and then on a conveyor belt and sorters sort out the good ones to box up for grocery stores. The culls then go down another belt and locals line up along this belt and pick out the better culls. So we happened to be at the end of the conveyor belt so we wound up getting the cull of the culls but still managed to get some good tomatoes and sure worth the $3 per bucket. Then when DH called the mechanic we found out that the truck needed a new fuel filter and he couldn't get it until Monday so the SIL brought us home the next day (Saturday) and spent the night with us and headed back early this morning. Since we have been home, I've put up pickles and have started dipping the tomatoes in boiling water to lift the skins to peel to start making salsa. DIL has shown up with Miss Molly to pick blueberries so it is a mad house around here. We were going to go try to pick up the truck on Monday and have other DIL to drive us down so I wouldn't have to drive back that far alone but she will be taking her daughters to church camp on Monday so won't get the truck until some other time this week. We will be making salsa and shelling pinto beans and purple hull peas tomorrow. Busy busy time and nightmare weekend.
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