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Sunday, June 30, 2013

I have thought more about what this doctor (below) is saying: the precursors that lead to diabetes are also the precursors to obesity. My reading between the lines as a nondiabetic leads me to infer that obesity is a symptom of those same precursors, which can also lead to diabetes. I don't find I can separate it in my mind that whereas Peter thinks that obesity is a symptom of diabetes, that obesity is not a symptom of "something" for us who are not yet diabetic. In other words, I think obesity is always a symptom and not the underlying problem. It's interesting to me that obesity and diabetes have precursors that are glandular and hormonal in nature, and the mind is no longer guided to the best resulting functioning of the body. Have I lost you yet?

I have always been very clear that none of us thought as children: "I'd like to grow up and be big and fat!" Instead, our bodies and our minds failed us and consorted to drive us to eat way too much and exercise way too little. We knew what we should be doing -- those around us were very free with their advice and opinions that we should stop being such moral failures, that we should simply say no to food and yes to exercise. We needed self-control, we needed to "buckle down" and concentrate in what we were doing wrong, according to those around us, as well as advertising, movies, TV and so forth.

There are certain things I was born with, such as height, hair color, eye color, skin color, over which I have no control. I was also born with something else beyond my control, a hormonal confusion or whatever, which makes it almost impossible for me to lose weight and then maintain the loss. I've always known it was something in my brain which caused me to have such a terrible problem, when I can be so accomplished in so many other ways.

Obesity is one of the last "safe" prejudices which people can proclaim, people who would never laugh at a person's racial background or their medical problems like cancer. I wish I could live long enough to see the disease concept of obesity take hold with the general public, as well as with doctors, but it will take many generations before that can happen. Think of all the prejudices that are only now dropping out of favor so to speak, and which now make the prejudiced individual look foolish and ignorant. Those prejudices have been around for decades in centuries before now they are dying out.

Once we have that shift in the medical commuity, there is a chance for more effective solutions to be developed.
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