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Makeover ~ I didnt know HOW Visually Obese I was until.....

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Makeover ~ I didnt know HOW visually obese I was until.....

Until I "tried" to buy a pair of office dress pants that would actually FIT me for work

How it all started:

I "asked" the Director of the company that I work for... for some HONEST advice on how to become MORE professional. Her name is Erica and to me, she is beyond professional and sweet and kind and always thinking of others and helping employees and the community at large. She is a Genuine caring person. I asked for help and she took out time for her busy and tight schedule to help me and I was soooooooooooo grateful.

Note: emoticon If you ever need help, emoticon go ASK for help from the very person that you ADMIRE the most and the person that sets the example EVERY day... that is what I did. I went to Erica.

Result: My work ethic, attendance, and positive attitude was ON point, no prob. there :)

emoticon Here are SOME of the things Erica taught me that I will KEEP forever IN my brain: (P.S. I dont use her last name because of confidentiality, I didnt have her permission to use her last name AND because I am kind of private about my work and homelife... everything else in relation to choosing to be healthier is an open book as you all know) hugs

emoticon Her suggestion to help me be more Professional at work: emoticon Answer: Improve my LOOK at work! (aka: My Attire, etc.)

I didnt understand. I was completely lost for real. She explained.
She said today you look very professional and then there are days that you don't.
I still didnt understand because to me, I thought I dressed fine as long as it was clean and neat in my mind.

She explained that you have to DRESS that part that you want.
She also explained that I am usually happy and joking BUT if I want to people to take me MORE seriously than I need to like present my more serious side to people. (I never thought about that until She told me... she is wonderful and I am VERY grateful to her suggestions for real.)

Erica also explained:
emoticon That when I dress more professionally, people Notice.
emoticon That when I wear make-up, people Notice.
emoticon That when I take out the time to do my hair, people Notice.

and I was like: emoticon oh my God she IS right but I just never put the two and two together.

She even went as far as sharing her own Personal every day life for work:
She shared how she takes an hour and a half (1.5 hrs) to prepare for work EVERY morning.
I was shocked!
Because I thought beautiful healthy slender people like Erica just Woke UP beautiful and that they just fluffed their hair and walked out the door.


What I really learned was that she makes it LOOK that Easy but its not.
It takes TIME and WORK to look that good! emoticon and I wanna look that good too :)

emoticon emoticon Thanks to Erica, I "now" take the time to invest in HOW I look.

emoticonErica was able to be more detailed in the suggestions that she gave me to HELP me improve on my professionalism because I "asked" for help from her.
Mind you, if you never ASK for help ... you may not get it... so be brave and ASK... because sometimes WE don't see what OTHER people "see" in us. hugssss

So not only does Erica live and eat a healthy lifestyle, speaks & acts so professionally, and looks like she belongs on the cover of a beauty magazine seriously... she has the brains of a surgeon I call it. She is aslo WISE beyond her years and motivates people to want to BE better and she touches people and on top of all that... she always gets the job done every single time. She is on TOP for a reason and jewels like her... ya just can't find so easily so I thank God that the company I work for found her and sealed the deal to keep her. I tell ya she walks on water for real and people adore her because she gets the job done, she is HONEST, law-abiding and you can COUNT on her and she is beyond fair and always sets the example.

She even took out time to Set the Example of what Professional Attire LOOKS LIKE at a recent staff meeting....

emoticon Erica also taught us that:

emoticon there is NOTHING Casual about casual Professional Attire! emoticon

wow! emoticon I never EVER heard of that, ever!
Like I said thank God she is here to teach us for real... no joke!

Erica pointed to one of her Staff male members who was wearing an ironed creased cotton shirt with a tie and dress pants, dress shoes... the man was sharp... and she explained that he is wearing a professiona look and that WITHOUT the tie ~ that would be Casual Professional.

My mouth was floored. First, that someone would take out the time to TEACH us as a group of HOW to be better but also that she gave us Visuals to help us retain that information auditorily and visually. She is just Amazing, honestly and you all know me very well that I do not BS people... I am honest to a fault.

She also taught us things like we are not allowed to wear tank tops to work.
Now mind you, I am a grown woman (most times LOL) and I didnt know what a tank top was.
so I got brave and raised my hand to ask her because I trusted that she would always be honest.
I shared that I wasnt sure exactly what I tank top was (I thought it was a tube top for real.)

Keep in mind this is a Friday that this meeting was on .............

She actually showed us what a tank top was by lowering her professonal jacket.
No One would have EVER known that she was wearing a tank top because she kept her professional office jacket on... by the way did I mention that she has the dress STYLE to die for? Yes! I swear she looks like a life-size Barbie doll and she works at it too... She eats right and exercises faithfully. Like I said she SETS THE TONE (the example).

What a tank top is ... is a blouse that has NO sleeves and DISPLAYS the shoulders. It almost looks like a man's under garment T-Shirt that one would wear under a shirt EXCEPT it was a beautiful womans' tank top blouse worn WITH a jacket that she never took off.

Displaying ones shoulders in an office setting is a no no. Why? (my opinion) because I think that people can tend to get carried away and then before ya know it... they are wearing spaghetti string type shoulder blouses. Remember that she is teaching us HOW to look more professional at work and dealing with the public, etc.

She also explained that short pants were not allowed either. I forgot what they are called but they come just below the knee. Thats not really the look we want at work from a professional is it? Of course not.

She taught us soooooooooooooo many things at that meeting that I and I am sure others had NO idea about, seriously and I was so grateful that she did.


with that advice on improving our professional attire I went shopping. My decision was to be like her, who takes out the TIME to look professional and beautiful and make it look easy :) I figure I can buy a few pieces here and there as my budget allows over time and help my wardrobe to Grow! yeh!

emoticon Okay BACK to my original subject of I didnt know HOW obest I was until....

Until I decided to go to the mall and look for a pair of DRESS office pants that I could wear to work...

Lawrd, by the end of 3 hours of going store to store, all that walking and trying on pants.... my feet were KILLING ME seriously. I have size 12 feet, operations on both feet, flat footed... girl its NOT pretty LOL... can never wear heels at all.... so they were killing me.

I found beautiful reasonably priced office blouses at JC Penny.. okay that wasnt on the plan but still ... remember we are BUILDING our wardrobe people emoticon Remember she taught me to DRESS THE PART that you want to be :)

Next and my last store that I went to was Lane Bryant. Someone told me that their focus is mainly for the larger size woman.

I took like 9 pairs of pants in the dressing room.
1 pair fit so tight that if I sat down, I knew the zipper would just bust open and it was their Largest size in the store... price: $99.00 emoticon Really? yes REALLY! emoticon.
I tried on 7 more pairs of pants with NO luck of fitting me.
The last pair of pants was black and the leg part was a large flair of material... I tried it ON and it was like HEAVEN..... I was sooooooooooo grateful that after 3 hours of shopping and disappointment of nothing seemingly fit... I FINALLY found a pair of pants. I was so happy I got a SECOND pair.

Got to the register = cost of those perfect pants $50.00 emoticon emoticon emoticon
I was SHOCKED and gently asked... I am sorry, how much?
(I am a regular person like most of us... we are not Rockfellars shopping here)

She replied once again: These pants are $50.00 each and said but you can apply for a Lane Bryant credit card if you like and get an answer in five minutes.
I did apply.
and got APPROVED for credit! yeh!
Naturally I purchased TWO pairs of those perfect pants with my NEW credit acct.

NOTE: After the transaction, I paid $25.00 towards my NEW bill at Lane Bryant.
Because we are RESPONSIBLE people and I would have spent that much at least... on a new pair of dress pants anyways :)

emoticon RECAP emoticon

I "asked" for help on being improving my professionalism and GOT the help, yeh!
Didn't honestly know HOW obese I was until I tried to find a pair of dress pants to fit me.
I really realized HOW much I was in denial with the shape of my body... and now am MORE focused on changing that indeed! (wake-up call)
Did NOT give up even though my feet were killing me, but found DRESS pants for work, yeh!
Decided to INVEST in my new office makeover and pay a higher price for a pair of fabulous pants that I would be proud to wear at work because it completes the package of the professional look that I want to be continually. :)
I realized that although walmart is my favorite store to shop in... sometimes ya gotta step OUTSIDE the box and shop at different stores to get the LOOK you want :)
I even took out some time to look at youtube on HOW to apply make up properly.
I invest some more time to look at youtube for PROFESSIONAL hairstyles to wear at work.

I am excited because I started my journey really focused in April of 2013 by walking more and adding veggies and fruit to my eating plan....
and NOW
I am on an ADDED chapter to that journey of dressing, acting and LOOKING the part of the person I want to be.... A professional. yeh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LIFE is good!
all because a person took out the time to PLANT the seed and I asked for help and got it!
holla!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Sometimes in life we take babysteps as needed.... and eventually we grow up to be better people.

emoticon See you all on the Spark Teams... Lets work it people, yahooo!!! emoticon


thanks for reading emoticon

My journey thus far:

emoticonTHE SCALE REPORT emoticon

04/20/13 = 343
04/21/13 = 347.2 = swollen feet/ankles
04/22/13 = 342
04/23/13 = 341
04/24/13 = 341
04/25/13 = 338.2
04/26/13 = 338.2
04/27/13 = 337.0
04/28/13 = 336.4
05/04/13 = 339.0
05/12/13 = 338.8
05/15/13 = 337.2
05/16/13 = 334.6
05/22/13 = 333.8
05/25/13 = 332.4
06/01/13 = 330.8
06/15/13 = 328.2 = cant believe I am in the 20's, yeh!!!!!

wow and that was JUST from adding lots of veggies, some fruit, & more protein in my diet (and walking/jogging sometimes). Wow!

6/15/13 = I joined WW today.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Thanks for sharing this.

    1757 days ago
    Hope it works for you - But I know you are beautiful whatever you wear.
    1758 days ago
    What a great leader you have. Congrats to you for taking that good advice to heart and making positive changes for your whole lifestyle.

    I occasionally shop at Catherine's; they have a clearance rack of reasonably-priced nice clothing. If you have one in your area, check it out. I also buy a lot of things online. I never buy anything that way which doesn't list the actual measurements (ie, not just the reported "size"), but I've have pretty good luck otherwise. I'd naturally prefer to try garments on...but as you noted here, the physical challenges of that are sometimes just beyond my motivation!

    How you present yourself means worlds to the perception of people around you. Good luck with the "new you"!
    1759 days ago
    Now to show Erica how you've taken her advice!! Good luck to you!
    1760 days ago
    Excellent! What a great Director, to take the time and interest to explain it. In a business environment it's tricky to find the perfect blend between something professional and something that expresses your own style. Use her tips and then make it your own!

    I just found some great plus size pants online at Dress Barn:


    Largest size on some of these styles is 24, but they're fitted generously. The best thing is that they don't add any bulky belt loops or pockets or buttons. They're pull-0ns, but no elastic waist or anything, they just look really well fitted. Keep in mind that they're "summer weight", so not totally suitable for colder weather or with bulky sweaters.
    1760 days ago
  • WENDYW596
    I love this and all your comments. It does take work to look good. And I thought that was great advice you got from your Director. Way to go, you're on your way and...... emoticon
    1760 days ago
    Thanks for sharing.... emoticon on your weight loss this far!!
    1760 days ago
    Ask and you will receive. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1760 days ago
  • TLG71567
    Congratulations! I think that it's wonderful that she did that. There are so many people that truly don't know how to look professional, not by choice, they just don't know because no one has ever taken the time to show them. I think that is even more the case these days. I am glad that you were willing to ask and that she was willing to share. It's great that you found pants that fit and look nice on you. Isn't that a wonderful feeling. And wow, congratulations on your weight loss! That's awesome! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1760 days ago
    1760 days ago
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