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June Recap.. Surprising Results

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Well, in the month of June I lost 8 pounds. In total, since I started "trying" to lose weight in the fall of 2012, I've lost 61lbs.. 47 of the 61 has been lost since March 2nd when I started CrossFit and the Paleo way of eating. Here's a graph of my weight loss... the yellow line is the projection of weight loss and the dots are where I am.. YES!! I'm WAY ahead of schedule!!

if it's hard to see, you can see a larger version here

The amazing news is that I lost a total of 14.5 inches!! Most of the inches were lost in my stomach (upper abs, waist and lower abs)... and guess what I've been working on this month?? CORE STRENGTH!! Yep.. lots of sit-ups.. romanian twists.. ball slams.. I'm trying to be able to do 30 CrossFit Sit-Ups in a minute.. at the beginning of the month I could do 17... now? I can do 25!!! I am soooo close to my goal! Also, at the beginning of the month I could do 26 in a row (without resting)... now? I can do 40..

My coach also had me start doing more weight training this month in our time together at CrossFit and asked that I pick up more cardio outside of our time together.... mmmmm okay.. so here is a graph of my fitness minutes over time

you can follow this link if this is hard to see

I began doing "two a days" - walking in the morning and CrossFit in the evening - 3 days a week. My walking on CrossFit days included a 1.5 mile loop - which takes me 30 minutes.. clearly I am not a speed demon.. hehe... on the days I didn't do CrossFit, I either walked a 3 mile loop (which takes me an hour), Zumba or Rowed.

I attended a Chi running clinic and tweaked my achilles at the end of May and I'm going to Physical Therapy to get that corrected.. the walking and Zumba seems to keep it "inflammed" sooooo this month I will be doing more Swimming and Rowing to supplement my fitness minutes... I do NOT want to go to Africa with a tweaked Achilles... I will still walk and Zumba some but not quite as much..

So here's a list of my accomplishments in June:
1. Down 8 more lbs and hit my 60lb lost milestone!!
2. Down 14.5 inches in the month.. mostly belly!
3. Beat May's PR of 26 unbroken sit-ups and now can do 40!
4. Beat May's PR of 17 sit-ups in a minute and now can do 25!!
5. Beat May's PR of 28 second plank and now can do 40 seconds!
6. I pushed a truck!! All by myself!!

7. I carried the Yoke at 225lbs... and loved it!
8. I established my Back Squat 1 rep max of 135lbs!

And all that while I went for a vacation to Chicago for five days!! I call that a HUGE success.. I also think it's interesting that I lost more weight in May but not nearly as many inches... In June, I did okay on weight loss but lost massive inches!! I think that means I'm putting on muscle - which I am GREAT with!!! I'm less concerned with weight than I am my health and how I look..

Goals I did NOT meet:
1. Coach to 5k program - suspended due to achilles injury
2. 40 1 pood Kettlebell swings - honestly forgot about this... whoops
3. Improve consistency of rowing 2:05 500 meter row - best 500 meter row of the month was 2:07.. however, I DID break the 2 minute barrier for about 20 seconds.. so I'm getting there
4. 60 second Plank - got to 40 seconds
5. improve air squats from 27 in a minute to 30 in a minute... this has been more of a power month than speed.. I need to retest this soon cuz i think I can beat 30..

New things I did in June:
1. Heaving snatch balance
2. Turkish Get Ups
3. 73lb Atlas Stone floor to shoulder lifts
4. Hanging power clean and jerk (looooved these)
5. Truck push
6. Romanian twists

My goals for July
1. Continue getting 450 fitness minutes a week.
2. 20 push-ups in 1 minute (PR 15)
3. 30 sit-ups in 1 minute (PR 25)
4. 40 squats in 1 minute (PR 27)
5. Row a sub 2 minute 500 meters (PR 2:05)
6. 60 second plank (PR 40 sec)
7. Continue following Paleo and logging food...

Can't WAIT to see what July brings!! BRING IT ON!!!

47 days til Africa
10lbs to go to meet my ZipLine Goal
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