A pleasant welcome back...Earning another Spark Movtivational Badge

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Some of you are new friends so this is all new to you so I will explain it. A while ago I started my own personal blog series where I "earn" different motivational pics/quotes shown here on spark. I have returned to this practice today and this is the latest in my series.

Today when I returned from the gym I remembered I had started this little project and I became very excited when I realized I had returned...I now got to pick my earned personal badge and this is the one that fit my workout and attitude for today:

Now some of you may be wondering why I chose this particular quote today when I have been working on my fitness and weight loss for so long now. My answer is this...Today after what personally seemed like a lost spiral of lack of motivation and action, I came to life. In essence Today I took that first step back to my goals, my dreams, my plans. I have been saying I was going to do this for a while now and just didn't but today I actually got off my butt and accomplished it. Even as I posted on facebook earlier today how I was going to try a new fitness class at the gym I was secretly planning a way to say something prevented me from making it. It came down to the last possible minute, and I stopped thinking just got dressed packed a bag and got in the car...and never looked back! Once I got to the gym and the class I was surprised how hard it was, how much I was sweating...I mean c'mon the last time I took a step in the gym I was heavier. So the thought of me being out of shape so quickly surprised me, how could this be so hard when I had lost more weight now? Losing weight and not exercising is how! But then I remembered just how great it felt to feel the sweat drip and my body ache...after what seemed an eternity in that hot hula fitness class, 70 min later a phoenix was reborn!
I got out of that class and felt invincible...jump on the treadmill...oh yeah!! I really got excited I was at the gym working out! Trying to also remember to not overload myself I did manage to get a quick 15 mini ride on my favorite elliptical stationary bike and then on to my again Day 1 of 5k training...but it was different...after all now I'm officially signed up for an actual race on OCT 19th of this year...and I WILL RUN THAT ENTIRE 5K..we're talking bucket list stuff here people!
So after my mini bike ride I jumped on my favorite treadmill in the gym, put the TV on in front of me and started my ipod with my favorite tunes blasting. I was home...and it felt so very good. No more I'm gonna, or I will ...I had crossed over to I did and now that can never be changed...as I ran there was an extra special spring in my step, a smile on my face and I loved that I could breathe again having stopped smoking earlier this month. I ran an extra 10 min not trying to push myself but because I was enjoying myself so much. I had to actually mentally tell myself STOP! I knew had I pushed to hard today there would be no making it to the gym tomorrow...and let me tell you that thought made me so very sad! So here's to taking that first step back to making my dreams a reality, and they are most sweetly looking so much closer than they have ever been before! emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
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