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Life Happens

Saturday, June 29, 2013

I've been struggling with some pain issues. In the last couple of days, they really threw me for a loop. And for the first time since I really committed to a healthier lifestyle in April, I went back to old behaviors - stuffing down my feelings.

First, I had two nights of bad snacking. Then, thanks to my sparkfriend Susanelaine1956, I didn't last night (we've got a pact going! emoticon ), but we went out for dinner and I probably didn't make the best choices. Surprise, though! I tracked EVERYTHING this morning and was still within range.

Now, while it would have been better to be in the lower range yesterday, given the snacking the two previous nights, I'm celebrating because I was IN range (actually, with another 150 calories or so as a cushion) and even though I'd have LIKED to do more exercise this week, I still at least MOVED my body, despite the extraordinary amount of pain it's been in.

My goals this week - um... in pretty bad shape - one goal was to stay in range all week - didn't do that. Meditation goal - 20 minutes per day - well, it's hurting to stay in one position for that long, so no, not doing great there. Exercise - HA! Made the goals for this week when I was feeling far less pain and could move much more easily.

So here's the thing. Life is going to happen. I will have bad pain weeks. Someone else might have a crisis in their family or work or they might be on vacation. I might be on vacation. This is life. Life happens.

We all, however, always have a choice of how to handle those blips, big and small. My choice, today, is to get back on track and deal with being the very healthiest I can be.

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    Jen, yup. It's okay to not meet all your goals. My dietician friend, who created our state's Healthy Weight Program, told me not to get caught up in meeting the nutrition goals each day. A dietician who works with patients uses the average for the week. SP will let you do that in the reports section...and if the average for the week falls into the ranges, it means you met your goals.

    Good for you that you realize we aren't we can't always meet the goals we set. The lesson & gift is in forgiving ourselves.

    1811 days ago
    You may not have obtained all your goals, but you didn't beat yourself up either because of it. You are learning to be healthier and to make good choices. Yay for Jen.
    1814 days ago
    Hope you are feeling better now emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1815 days ago
  • 4CYNDI
    **HUGS** I know what it's like to deal with pain on a daily basis and that the "more pain" days/weeks are really tough. Like you I used to stuff down those "feelings" because it was a distraction from the pain I couldn't control.

    Great job getting back on track. Keep it moving. I recently had to set my exercise regimen to the way back machine for the same reason. Hope you are feeling less pain today. Make it a good one!
    1816 days ago
    Have I taught you my personal mantra that is now something of an Azure Destinations mantra? Breathe in - breathe out - BIBO.

    While we do not make goals to break them intentionally they are a GOAL to aspire to. Life does and WILL happen and the fact that you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and face the facts of your journey head on rather than with your head in the sand which is the easier thing to do, speaks of a goal met. You are progressing on your journey and toward your goals. Baby steps and improving habits that are not in your best interest. You didn't have a blip on your journey and say "To heck with it. I may as well eat the whole _______."

    And you are so right sweetie. We all have something that makes our journey more difficult. That too is life. If it were easy it wouldn't be a challenge.

    You had a most auspicious week full of progress and you had FUN going out and celebrating and savoring the success of someone you were an integral part in getting to this place in life. Please be gentle with yourself when judging your success or failure in your goals sweetie.

    I commend you on making some wise and wonderful choices and realizations about this journey we are all on in a most difficult challenge called LIVING! I love how you sieze the moment and embrace it even through the pain.

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1819 days ago
  • SNIC23
    I'm so sorry you are having a painful week. I don't know about your condition, but it sounds like you have come to terms very well with it and are prepared to handle it accordingly, in a healthy. Sure, a bad snack or two happens from time to time. We don't always make the perfect choice, that's what makes us human. You know what you need to do to be the healthiest you and you have made a pact with a SP friend to help you stick to it. That's awesome!

    I do so hope you are feeling better soon!!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1819 days ago
    emoticon I already told you that I was struggling last night to avoid snacking, but I knew I was going to report in today and that was the motivation I needed to say no. Good luck to both of us again tonight. emoticon
    1819 days ago
    Well said!! emoticon
    1819 days ago
    Back on track, eye on your goal! Way to go! You are right, life happens. Injuries happen. Pain happens. Sometimes we just have to do our best and work around them (or through them). We all have those times when we make less than stellar choices, it happens, but if we go right back to our original plan - we will get there! The key is to not quit. You are doing great!

    1819 days ago
    Yep, to never give up. We should make that our team motto. I think you have done fabulous because you recognized what was going on and tried your best to correct it and hooray for staying within your calorie range and still getting in exercise. I am happy with my week as I got in exercise 5 days, which is a huge improvement for me. Margaret and I had a wonderful walk this morning, there was cloud cover, a nice breeze, lower temps and less humidity. Glad we are connected on FB now. Hope your pain decreases greatly and you can enjoy your weekend.

    1819 days ago
    YES - and while you MAY NOT have reached all your goals, you DID have a good week!! Why? Because you are already back on track! Some things cannot be changed - obviously your pain is one of them. BUT I'll bet in the past you've let it throw you a lot further off course than you did this week - THAT my friend is PROGRESS!! And as long as we KEEP TRYING and NEVER GIVE UP we WILL win in this journey we are on!! So CONGRATULATIONS!! emoticon
    1819 days ago
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