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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Most of you know I work for a State agency giving road test to truckers.... a whole 'nother story some other time.

Any way I also sit on our bargaining committee and we just wrapped up this contract. Which means that the 15 of us break up into 2's and travel this "great" state of Illinois to talk about, answer questions, find out problems etc.

I know Union.... and I'm a conservative Republican?!?!? from the State of Illinois??? I am no shrinking violet believe me when I say they all know who I am and are even starting to pay attention about how much Democrate's are not really "helping" us only themselves..... but I digress.

There are 126 facilities to service anything related to cars and driving in this state which is 390 miles long and 210 miles wide is no easy feat. I put almost 700 miles on my car alone.

Most people think that us state workers make tons of money and do no work. The starting pay is just 30K and my title tops out at 54K, not exactly rolling in dough. That is why I work a second job!

So I get to this one facility and this girl comes up to vote on this contract and she says to me I'm going to vote NO to spite everyone.... so I ask her to please explain why, I'd like to hear it. She said well people coming in now are making more than when I started... I said to her do you realize that just a contract ago people worked for this agency that qualified for food stamps?? she said I know I was one of I told her so I guess when we decided that year to raise the pay from 18K to 30K which is a 12 THOUSAND DOLLAR raise and I got maybe a 1% raise so that those people could get off food stamps I SHOULD HAVE SAID NO TO SPITE YOU!!!!! she got all huffy and called me mean and said well then I'll just not vote and what is your name..... I told her and SPELLED it out for the dimwit!!!!!

In case no one was paying attention, the State is broke and they are not paying their bills and we are receiving a VERY MODEST 1% and 2% raise AND YOU GET TO KEEP YOUR JOB in this economy getting a raise WHAT is your problem????

This happened to me almost daily visiting these spoiled, entitled, "overworked" people!!!

I'm so glad this contract passed..... these people have NO CLUE!!!!!!!! can you tell they PI$$ED me off!

SOOO glad this is over with for now. Now I can get back to my garden with has been very neglected lately!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    One day she will not have a job and then she will know how stupid she was or not! She sounds like she needs to lose her job.
    1732 days ago
    I absolutely cannot tolerate people with attitudes of entitlement who are clearly not thankful for the job they have. They inspire me to make up new names in my head for them.. none of which are appropriate to post here. I say, if they are not happy with their job, quit and let someone who will be happy with it take it. There are hundreds of qualified applicants lined up for it, just waiting. I worked as a state contractor in my last job. It is a PRIVILEGE to be an employee, not a burden. So I completely agree with your stance and am very glad you explained it to the uninformed girl. emoticon
    1753 days ago
    OMG! We are sisters separated at birth! I so understand where you are coming from! I totally agree!
    1753 days ago
    Congrats on not losing! I couldn't do what you do and not end up in an orange jumpsuit somewhere!

    Glad you are home, enjoy your garden!
    1755 days ago
  • M77355
    emoticon Smart woman.
    Very glad you have your garden to bring you some R&R. It's done that for me for years. Take good care of yourself.
    1755 days ago
    Some people will never 'get it'. States & provinces are struggling to pay their bills. However...when those in charge vote themselves significant pay raises...then they need to be prepared to give the same to others.
    1756 days ago
    Ahh frustrating! But gardening can be so therapeutic!
    1756 days ago
  • LEXIE63
    Some people can't see past their own selfish outlook. Enjoy your garden! Hope all is serene there, so you can chillax a bit after all the harassment! :-)
    1756 days ago
    Glad you get to stay employed :) I'm a lucky quasi-government employee as well, underpaid and overworked, but have a job and and more than thankful for ANY raise we get anymore. Our benefit package is killer, and no way I could find a job as equally rewarding (and solid) somewhere else and have any feeling of security for retirement.

    I'm actually originally from Illinois, too - but I escaped income taxes and toll roads when I moved to Tennessee LOL Don't get back there as much as I'd like, but ... I have the memories :)

    What part of IL are you in? Chicago area? Middle? South?
    1756 days ago
    Ignorance and utter stupidity is always in abundance, isn't it? ......... The problem is, there is just no reasoning w/ someone who does not understand logic! .......... Good for you, all your fervent work and now enjoy that garden ............. emoticon
    1756 days ago
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