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Back in the Saddle

Friday, June 28, 2013

This evening, after eating at Golden Corral (I got lots of foods, but just touched at each thing on my plate - and the ribs, only ate the top BBQ-laden layer (meat, no fat) and actually got a few foil sheets to bring the rest home to Chrissy ... yes, she is the luckiest dawg on earth!). Logged it all as best I could using other user inputs, so yeah... definitely a sort of 'cheat' day since I have no idea really how close or how much of each morsel that crossed my teeth. Broccoli and Cauliflower I think I had a pretty good measure on.

Anyway, as we left... I guess the tylenol I took early this afternoon was wearing off, and I could feel my lower back stiffening up again. Not quite the back breaking pain, but enough to say - hey... I'm still here and injured you fool!

But, I really feel the recumbent bike is not really putting any strain on my back as it is reclining quite comfy, and I put a nice cushy pillow behind me, and one under me. Flat seats on our cheap home one, not contoured like the ones at the Y. I up'd it to 30 minutes tonight, to help offset some of the extra eatin' today. I think I also went a bit faster than I was last night, watching the rate on the display ranging from 15.9 to 19 with a couple sprints around 20-22 (not long, and tried to make sure only my legs were moving, and not my torso). Pretty sure it'll be fine. Didn't feel any back aching at all during.

So, will take the last single prednisone pill just before hitting the sack, and chase it with a flexeril.

My dream is to get out and mow at least Chrissy's yard tomorrow. I will need to walk thru and do the 'clean up' first, so I don't end up sliding in anything this time! I'm hoping that it was ONLY from the tree work and dragging limbs to the street that sprained my back, and NOT the simple walking/mowing actions. I will raise the mower at least back up one notch this time, and that should help make it a lil' easier getting thru some of the trenchy/holey areas. It's a hope anyway... may wake up and decide that it's not going to happen. But, the lower part and upper part around the apple tree should be much easier now, not having to dodge under low hanging branches! Just pushing thru and under!

Appreciate all the concerns and wishes!

Oh, and update, I didn't notice any real 'inappropriate happiness', nor extreme mood swings yet. Just enjoyed the happiness that the hilarity of the side effect brought to the table and joking about it the last 2 days at work, and then again at home with hubby. Came up at dinner tonight (Crazy Crew) and really upped the already laughter-ridden table!

Been taking the Linzess now about 3 weeks. Still not really sure its helping, altho' I am pretty sure that I've not suffered any of the listed side effects. It may be helping a bit, I think I really do have a generally slow digestion (lower GI) often, and well, even the gastro doc recognizes that we may never get me 'regular' ... I think it has reduced my 'anal retentive' (pun intended, as I truly am that in both literal and figurative interpretations) traits at least a bit. I'd really like to give it at least a month or a bit more to really see. I'd read in a forum that someone had marked improvement taking Valerian at night also ... I ordered some from Amazon, and haven't been going to bed early enough all week to actually try some. Can't wait to see how it affects my fitbit one's analysis of my sleep tonight, since I don't have to worry about being up early. We'll also see if it'll actually begin helping with the GI issues as this other user described. Ewwww they smell nasty... Dosage is 1 to 4 capsules about an hour before bedtime. I think I'll just try two as a starter.

Oh, before dinner tonight... we were delayed because hubby ran late leaving work. I was already in the parking lot at Golden Corral as I found out he'd be another 20-25 minutes. I ran across to Ross, and found some swimming goggles for $1.99 and a 2pk for $5.99! I'd had a pair of $15 Speedo in my amazon cart, as I tried other local stores to find something cheaper first. So, I picked up the 2 pk & 1.99 Speedo ones! Now, I'll not have to worry about forgetting and opening my eyes underwater (should I ever make it to one!!! guts just aren't with me just yet... maybe 10 more pounds) and losing a contact lens LOL By the time I got to the register, hubby was calling and I was stuck in line waiting to pay. They had ONE cashier open, with a line that grew to about 6 people in under a minute (I was 4th or 5th in line). Nice planning Ross.

So, we'll see how things go tomorrow, but at least I burned SOME calories this evening on top of the ol' healin' back! Might just have to try and get some 'steps' in tomorrow by hitting Sam's - we're out of laundry soap, oxyclean, WATER/Snapple/Ice beverages... and whatever fresh veggies I find that look good. I generally FLY thru stores, I don't slowly linger... but do usually just fly up/down each aisle... only slowing to put those few things into my cart. Such a big place, and temp controlled, so makes it really nice getting steps in! Just gotta hope that it's not too crowded. Been pretty lucky lately!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I love Golden Corral. It's one of my favorite places to eat.
    1755 days ago
    It's good to be back in the saddle
    1756 days ago
    Back pain is the worst. I've found that the heating pad helps or those OTC heat patches. Take it easy.
    1756 days ago
    Thanks, both of you!

    Dlite - you're not really missing much... and so long as I avoid the mindset of getting value for what it cost us, I can just nibble and pick at it, and not worry about the waste either (built into the cost). The thing I despise about them, is the fellow grazers and their sloppy habits. I only grab things that are covered (baked potato) and/or at a very high temperature... or like the ribs (bonz for Chrissy!) that the server is cutting and putting on the plate. I don't even touch the raw foods like the salad area, because Lord knows what germs are fermenting there!

    I just did a few searches on back sprain/strain and everything I read basically says to begin light activity after 24-48 hours, and should be back 'up to speed' where I was in prob 2 wks. So, the recumbent bike probably was the best to 'ease back into' activity... almost everything said to avoid 'bed rest' as that could actually make it worse!

    Tomorrow's activity will be determined first by weather allowing, and 2nd will be the yard pickup phase. If I don't experience any discomfort while patrolling the steep yard, I'll probably be giving it a go. I don't want to think about having to wait until next weekend... with all this rain it'll probably be like a wheat field by then!

    Worst case scenario, I'll just pack my bags and go to the Y and ride the recumbent there, and maybe see how the elliptical feels... but won't do more than say 10mins on it. Not even going near the rowing machine, altho' I really want to!!! Maybe a gentle 10 mins... ;) We'll just have to wait and see how things go!

    Glad I did all that reading/searching, and feel much better about actually moving and it not being too soon. I just gotta make sure it's not 'too much'. Moderation... LOL

    emoticon all!
    1756 days ago
  • KAYDE53
    Hope your back gets to feeling better! Good luck with your mowing! Have a great weekend!
    1756 days ago
  • DLITE719
    I have never eaten at Golden Coral. I try to stay away from buffets. That is a difficult thing to do because my husband loves them. He likes to get a big bang for his buck.
    1756 days ago
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