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Friday, June 28, 2013


Since my four days off my schedule seems to have changed somewhat, and I'm getting up two to three hours earlier than I normally do (haha I'm also only trying to sleep eight hours a night instead of nine or ten), so far I feel like I'm being pretty productive with that time - today I've already done a small bit of laundry, cleaned out the fridge and my part of the pantry, and gone to the grocery store to restock on some fresh, healthy goodies. Bonus points - I stayed on budget at the grocery store! Haha and I only bought what I knew I would eat. I've been absolutely terrible about buying all kinds of stuff and letting it go bad! :X

I'm up to 187.2 today, but I haven't passed anything yet (I'm still not even supposed to be awake), so I'm sure that's just a minor thing that will be remedied quickly. After seeing that 185-something on the scale for the first time, I'm determined to jump start the process in earnest. Even though I ate out for lunch and dinner yesterday, I kept it at 1390 (if the serving portions at Chipotle were correct), so that's day 2 on my current streak! I'm also feeling pretty awesome, because I just turned down a big, free, greasy taco in favor of a cup of Greek yogurt. Score for me!

Right now I'm going to focus on mini goals to get myself comfortably back on track, and my current mini goals for this work week (now until Tuesday) are:

1.) Keep calories under 1500 every single day!

2.) Do not eat out for every single meal! (I'm going to be realistic and not commit to no eating out at all, but I'm going to severely cut back. The upside, though? I'm a pro at eating out and watching calories now.)

3.) Stay within budget!

I'm still keeping some longer term goals in mind though. I would really, really like to see the 170s in July, and I need to seriously bulk up my recipe arsenal so I don't get sick of the same meals over and over, which contributes to my already high inclinations to eat out. Haha I scored a frozen bag of cooked shrimp, which sounds mighty tasty to me - but I have no recipes for shrimp! I'll have to remedy that soon.

It's great to be in a genuinely good, unhindered mood again. I've kinda had a funk thing going on for a few weeks now, and I'm totally ready to cast the whole thing off and move on.

As far as studying for my certification test goes, I've decided I'm going to do the only kind of "studying" I'm in the mood for: I'm going to pester all my senior co-workers with questions! Haha I tend to do that anyway, but I find that I learn a lot better in a discussion and collaboration kind of atmosphere instead of just reading a bunch of words out of a textbook. Maybe that will give me the jump start I need to prepare for this test.

The only other thing I really need to worry about this week is the stress level at work; I have a sinking suspicion that's one of the main reasons I'm having an issue with shingles and muscle spasms right now. Yesterday I forced myself to only do the amount of work I was supposed to do, and not double or triple to try to cover the people who didn't come in or were falling behind. Even though there was a nagging voice in my head to try and do more, I think it overall was better for my stress level in general. I'm going to pace myself again today and see if that helps anything.

Another thing I've started doing to combat stress (thanks to a co-worker who happens to be a certified herbalist. Who knew?), is drinking at least one cup of tea a day with Kava Root extract in it. I'm also going to try to throw in an extra cup or two of green tea in the mix, just because green tea is delicious and good for you. Haha I have a whole tin of loose leaf sweet potato pie green tea that needs to be consumed. :d

Well I suppose I have blabbered on for enough today. I hope everyone out there is having a great start to their weekend and making great decisions!

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  • KIMPY225
    mmm chipotle is so good! This is the second time reading this today! I love the chicken bowl. Yum!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry to hear about the shingles. One of my friends is 30 and he gets a shingles breakout when he is overstressed at work. Yuck!
    Hopefully you have a nice weekend & keep up the good work with the streaks!
    1821 days ago
    I think your goals seem very realistic and doable. I am so happy to hear that you are coming out of your funk, and sound much more hopeful and cheerful again! These things happen in cycles. I hope the upswing is long lasting!

    I think I'm going to have to look out for some of that Kava Root tea. And reading your blog has given me a cravign for real sweet potato pie, even though I've never eaten it before, lol!

    1821 days ago
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