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Thrilling, unexpected gift.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Today was such a fun day and a day of bargains all the way.

My sister and I did a bible study with a woman this morning and it was so beautiful to see the wonderful changes that she has been making in her life this past year. From suffering with alcoholism and various other bad habits, she is cleaning up her life, one day at a time...very beautiful to see how Jehovah God can make your life over if you allow him into it.

After that, we went for coffee. Felt a bit bad over the fact that we shared a choc chip muffin. Truth is, I fought like a tigress, but the muffin fought harder and shoved its way into my mouth....muffin vs Celeste'....muffin wins. emoticon
I'm obviously just kidding!!
Over coffee my sister asked if I was buying anything new to wear to the assembly tomorrow. Well, I hadn't planned on buying anything because I plan on losing more weight. But we decided since we had the time...it being Friday and that's our play day - we decided to wander around the mall and just "see" what was on offer. LOL we shouldn't have done that because we FOUND some things on a final clearance sale and at a fraction of their original price....so I took money I could ill afford and spent it. A skirt, blouse plus a pair of shoes to match for me, and the same for my sister. We left the store in pathetic giggles because now I would have to explain to hubby what I did....oops. Still ambling along, my alert on my phone for money being paid into my account goes off and the ref says "loan, battery etc" and its 3 times what was owed. The amount covered the small loan my son took from me till his money cleared, the price of the battery for his motor bike put in and R300 ($30) extra under etc. Guess what the items we bought came to R279 ($28) how unreal is that???
What a fabulous unexpected money gift.

Now I was really having a great day, especially as I would not have to explain anything away after all. Next we went to get some food to make to take with for the assembly tomorrow. Usually boneless, skinless chicken breasts are R59 pkg ($5.9 per pound) but today our store was offering them at R44 pkg ($4.4) and so we were happy to get some. Once there, I found 8 packets incorrectly marked at R28 pkg ($2.8)and took THE LOT.

What a fabulous day.
Once home I spent the afternoon taking in a whole bunch of clothes, so now I daren't put on anything at all, or the clothes won't fit. How's that for leaving no more room for muffins?!

So, all I have left to do is have a hot bath and have a good nights sleep so that my concentration is optimum tomorrow. Bag is all packed, healthy lunch is made and dried apple rings for snack....water....all done. Nothing left to chance.

I have to have a good day tomorrow because I no longer know what Sundays lunch will bring. The Percheron farm wants too much for their Sunday meals, so we are going else where for lunch before going to the horses. This is actually better for me, because instead of now being "forced" to eat what is served (3-course meal) I actually get to choose. But I still don't know where the kids are arranging to take hubby and I. That we will find out tomorrow. One thing I am pretty sure of, is that Cole is so thrilled with my weight loss, I'm sure he will take what I need to eat into consideration......but Sunday will be the only time I know for sure.

Hope everyone has a good weekend. I know I am going to.
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