Day 372: Dirty Girl Mud Run Photo and Ramblings.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Today's Happy-Place Photo:

Good Morning, Sparklers.

This morning I awoke to a scale that said 187.8.

I did not curl up into a ball, no matter how much I really, REALLY wanted to.

Yesterday I did pretty badly on the food front. I started off really well while I was at work and then I went to a games night hosted by my brother and proceeded to eat way too many Kit-Kats and Peppermint Paddies.

So I get home last night and put my drops in my eye. I lay down. Two hours later the worst thing about the drops happens - I can TASTE THEM. I want you to imagine tasting something that is the most bitterly sour chemical taste ever. And it invades your nose and mouth. And it won't go away and spitting it out makes it worse. The remedy, I have found, is eating something thick and sweet - it takes the taste out. Water makes it worse. It does not go away on it's own. So, I went back to sleep after eating three stupid devil's food cookies.

I've never been a nighttime snacker.. I hope to never be again.

I'm trying to focus on what this experience is teaching me. I'm learning that while I had a really great activity level, I apparently did not learn how to effectively manage what I eat. Well, I better learn it now.

The plans for this weekend include lots of housework (there are tumbleweeds of dog hair all over my house...) and getting the craft room organized. After all, it's almost time for the happiest time of the year! That's right, we are at the 60 day count until DragonCon! So excited. My confirmed costume I'm making for this year is the Agent Hill Formal Wear Dress from the Femme*Avengers doodles.

I had also wanted to put together a Black Lantern Wonder Woman costume and a Femme*Thor; but, I don't think I'll have enough time at this point. Next year I'm definitely doing those. This year I think I'll just be bringing Agent Hill, Gambit, my BSG double tanks, Lady Deadpool, and Legends of the Hidden Temple. For those keeping score, Agent Hill is the only new one.

60 days and counting! WOO!
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  • PDQ1203

    the mud pic reminds me of a race i did on the north shore mountains ... what a day that was!
    2299 days ago
    Great picture, if you don't mind the mud! Keep up the positive thinking and stay active. emoticon emoticon
    2299 days ago
    I don't know what the scale says, but your photo says - you look great! emoticon
    2299 days ago
    Chiming in with ADARKARA- I love the sugar free Wint-o-green lifesavers! wintergreen or peppermint is up to your personal preference, but you can have like 4-5 of the damnable things for only like 35 or 40 calories. I've made friends with the sugar free sections of the candy isle and discovered that most hard candies are ok. STAY AWAY FROM EVERYTHING ELSE- IT'S SUPER GROSS

    Also, if something thick and creamy and sweet like ice cream helps, the new ltd. edition Skinny Cow Pink Velvet Cake bars are good. They taste just like the cherry Dilly Bars from Dairy Queen, and they're only 100 cal each! Dreyer's makes some sugar-free smaller fruit flavored popsicles that clock in at only like 25 cal or something crazy like that. I don't know if fruity popsicles are too close to water in terms of how it would interact with your totally gross meds, though.

    Chocolate stuff? If you can find Chocolite near you, you can have 2 peanut butter patties for 70 cal, or two peanut caramel turtle things for 60 cal! That caramel really sticks to your teeth, though XD

    I am totally an untapped resource for diet junk food! I don't think the solution here is to stop eating the snacks if they help get rid of the ick from your meds. We just need to find acceptable substitutes that help, but don't kill your calorie counts for the day!
    2299 days ago
  • LORI3679
    Way to go on the Dirty Girl Mud Run! emoticon
    2299 days ago
    I love your Dirty Girl photo - you are wearing a smile while trudging through muck! Who would have thunk it?
    2300 days ago
    Would sugar free pepomint lifesavers help? Or Altoids? they're both really strongly flavored and low in calories. Don't fret about your weight. You're recovering from major health-related stuff!
    2300 days ago
    Love the mud picture!! emoticon

    Oh that dress is awesome. You are going to rock it!

    2300 days ago
    Wow... sounds so familiar!!! Yesterday, I couldn't get the taste of a pill out of my mouth, esp not with JUST water... but being at work, didn't really have anything else at hand!

    I also have a load of indoors cleaning to do, since I've been mowing/yard work incessantly for the last few weeks... we call 'em 'tumblefurs' and yes, they have pretty much overtaken the indoor area. I also have a craft room (formerly cat room - as that's where I kept Kiki's box/supplies LOL) that is a total WRECK!

    Hopefully, we both find time! *doing a rain dance*

    emoticon emoticon
    2300 days ago
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