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Week Six, Day Two--The Great Ocean Road

Friday, June 28, 2013

Day Two, week six...*sob* emoticon
Port Fairy is such a lovely town and I wish we had time to explore it more thoroughly but we are off to drive the Great Ocean Road but before we leave, we would be remiss to not give you a short overview of Port Fairy:
right at the very top there is a slideshow of Port Fairy. It is indeed a lovely little town and well worth visiting.
.....oh, how lovely....:0 now this is .......I love the calls to my soul.......of course, since we are almost completely water, I suppose it's not surprising.......We have everything ready and we are heading out.....Breaker, Breaker, "Down Under" . . we are leaving.....since we will be on the Great Ocean Road and it's only 203 km (126 miles) to Queenscliffe, I don't think we can get lost along the way... we want to have plenty of time to explore and take lots of fabulous photos along the way
Okay, I am just checking out map......we leave from Port Fairy, so we are here....

Okay, since we cannot be up above us, I got a post card so you could see just how twisty and windy this road is......and how close to the ocean we really are.....

Gail is driving.......

hmmm, or is it me.?? we are having such fun.....following that car.....don't worry, Ann....we will stop in a minute to get some really great shots...:) well, I did drive part of the way......cause Gail wanted to get a better view of our surroundings without sending us over the edge into the ocean. Yeah, I get that........I keep wanting to turn my head and look, but you can' gottta keep your eyes on the road.....and on the other drivers as well...cause they are doing the same thing.....I think it's called ' going 'Gawkabout'........only with driving.....not a good thing......;0

Looking out over the ocean as we drive along this section of the coastline, I can certainly see why so many ship wrecks have occurred over the years.

okay, sorry about that.........*grin*:) this one is more like it....

We pulled off at the Loch Ard Gorge which is 8 kilometres east of Port Campbell. Loch Ard Gorge was the site of the shipwreck of the Loch Ard. Amazingly, there were two survivors.

Our first stop off was Port Campbell, where the amazing Twelve Apostles are located.

We did have to stop in Port Campbell to get some fresh baked ....umm, pastries......which we plan on saving till we have our lunch break. Of course, I had to get a post card of an aerial view of the treacherous coastline and the Twelve Apostles.

and we just had to pull off so we could get some fantastic shots of the Twelve Apostles;

Some of our stops along the Great Ocean Road around Port Campbell:
Gibsons Steps --86 steps down to the beach below where we were dwarfed by the 70 metre high vertical cliffs and walked along the beach till we came to the enormous rock stacks
~~~the beach after we climbed down those 86 steps.

Another stop along the way --London Bridge
and no, we didn't suddenly fly to London and cross over the London Bridge...that is what one of the rock formations is called. London Bridge, originally a natural archway and tunnel in an offshore rock formation, collapsed in 1990 and became a bridge without a middle.
7 kilometres west of Port Campbell

reading from my brochure; "London Arch is a natural arch in the Port Campbell National Park, Australia. The arch is one of the tourist attractions along the Great Ocean Road near Port Campbell in Victoria. This stack was formed by a gradual process of erosion, and until 1990 formed a complete double-span natural bridge.

The arch closest to the shoreline collapsed unexpectedly on 15 January 1990,[1] leaving two tourists stranded on the outer part until they were rescued by a helicopter. No one was injured in the event. Prior to the collapse, the arch was known as London Bridge because of its similarity to its namesake."
London Bridge in1985

oh, dear, reminds me of that old children's song about "London Bridge is falling down....."

Ann apparently was right behind us .....or was she? she always manages to get where ever we are going ahead of any rate, she told us that it was "... worth the diversion to Cape Otway for views and maybe seals or whales - and not far further on, before Apollo Bay there is a sign to a waterfall in the Great Otway NP - you can park there and walk to it - there has been rain so I am guessing its running wellll!!"

Well, we are all about diversions, so that sounded perfect to us

Cape Otway is the southernmost point of the Great Ocean Road region and there is much to see here. We took a tour of the Cape Otway Lightstation and we climbed to the top of mainland Australia's oldest lighthouse, which is 90 metres above the wild Southern Ocean. Looking out over the wild coastline, we could certainly see so why many tragic shipwrecks occurred on this isolated and rugged coastline.

"The Great Otway National Park stretches from Torquay through to Princetown and up through the Otways hinterland towards Colac. The park features rugged coastlines, sandy beaches, rock platforms and windswept heathland. In the north, the the park features tall forests, ferny gullies, magnificent waterfalls and tranquil lakes. " --

and we ended up eating lunch at the waterfall at the picnic area before you get to the falls.

We finally made it to the BIG4 Beacon Resort, where our first thought after checking in and getting settled was to head for the pool. It was Gail's suggestion, but believe me, I was all for it.

As you can certainly tell, since I am already headed that way.....;)

That does sound perfect, Gail....anyone else up for a dip in the pool?... looking around at the eye candy.....*grin* okay, okay.....a gal can look, right....I know that I am way too old for any of those guys and in reality, I am sure I would not want to even know them....but a wee peek doesn't hurt, right? I am so true blue for my hubby back home...they don't even 'shiver me timbers'......what? oh, yeah, forgot this is a family channel.......*grin*

did find the perfect swim suit ....for lounging.....:)

no, no......did get a couple for my sisters....:0
I mean, after all, who can resist a sale.......?? wonder if they will like it..? well, I can always say it was a joke.......since I do know that neither one of them would wear it? is a fun gift.....:0
no, this is the one that I got for me........*grin*
too bad my legs are not that long...*sigh*
but I also got this lovely sarong to cover up with....

leaning back in my pool lounger after a good, what a day........I love the ocean.....I've always wished that I could live near it........but if wishes were horses then beggars could some terrific pics of the beaches and the ocean.....yeah, this reminds of the drive along the California, I've never been lucky enough to drive it..........but from pics that I have seen, this reminded me of it.....

You're on, Jeannie.....though Gail is already in the pool..I was and then I got back out........but I will...............wellll, will you look at that.......!! wow! that is sooo not fair.......*grin* but it's okay.another swim will be nice anyway......:) Both Nas and Gloria are in as well.....Ann and Sandra...............Shhh, I think we actually beat them here........Kacey and Moon are around here somewhere....
oh, yeah.....those legs are lethal weapons.....I've read about those but never actually seen any in person....and on that swimsuit, Jeannie, I think it comes with attachable straps as well.

oh, yeah, I am going to check out the Day Spa as soon as I am finished swimming.....any one wanna come with me??

Turned out that I had not been looking closely enough, for Ann and Sandra were already here and had beaten us here............*groan* of course, she did..*grin* she always does, so why did I expect to be able to get one over on her.....*giggle* of course, she is the 'fearless leader' so she almost has to get every where first......but she beat us to the pool.....I think she can even read our minds.......*snicker* good thing, I suppose, but Gail and I have not gotten into any trouble for some time....okay, okay, I hear those snickers ......well, we haven't......*giggle* well, not too bad.....:)

After the day spa, which was so relaxing.....we all had a good meal but decided to make an early night of it since we had to get up early the following day......busy day tomorrow.
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