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Heading into another weekend

Friday, June 28, 2013

So it's been 21 days since I joined SP and it's been great. I love the trackers for keeping me honest and on track. Still trying to figure out how some of it works but getting better each and every day. Getting healthier and leaner each and every day too!! emoticon

Summer is finally here in Montana. Seems like we had spring rains that lasted too long. Now the heat and the big blue sky that we are famous for has finally arrived and the sunshine helps with my mood--makes me sunny?!!! Checked off several projects on my list today and know that I can get lots more done this weekend. I want to get the stuff to make a hula hoop and get my bike tires aired tire pump just won't work. But my main project for tomorrow is to get my window a/c in. This is harder than it sounds since my house is very old and I need to replace my windows (have saved up to do it but will wait until fall) am hoping that I can just re-use two perfectly good windows in my kitchen that look out into an enclosed back porch...but will buy new if I have too. In the meantime I have to get a hammer and pound very carefully to get the window open enough to get the a/c in. And I have to relocate or discard several boxes of stuff that are in the path to the plug-in I need to use for the a/c.

I joined Flylady at the same time I joined SP so am working on getting the clutter organized and Finally Loving Myself (that's where FLY comes from). I have several yard projects planned for the next 3 days so that I will be free to play for the 4th of July. All of it feels so right and at the right time.

I blogged about summer camp and guess what. When I was at the VA I found out about an adventure weekend just for women veterans at a really nice resort the end of August and it's free for us with the exception of transportation and that is not a problem. I will drive myself down there and try zip lining and rock climbing! Sounds like "summer camp" to me. What an answered prayer that is!

I took my car to the carspital and had it checked over and the thermostat was sticking. Bad news is that it was in an inconvenient place so labor was a bit steep but got it fixed and as long as they were in there had a new serpentine belt put in and the air filter changed. The good news is that I had the money to do it and even though a friend was telling me how stupid it is to spend that much money on my old car, I am thankful that I have the money and feel like it's well worth it since I haven't made a car payment in years, costs $25 a year for license plates and cheap insurance rates and I know it well enough to feel like I can make it run with bobby pins and paper clips until I can get it home to fix it or get it to the professionals. I'm so thankful to my dad and to the US Army for teaching me how to maintain my vehicles! I encourage everyone to learn the basics of their vehicle's maintenance and think it should be a requirement that any time a kid gets a car they ought to have to prove they know how to check and change the oil, check the tire pressure, how to safely check and fill the radiator and read the manual. And before they get a new stereo they ought to have to show you their emergency kit and know how to hook up jumper cables. Aw, if I was the Queen of the World!!

A friend is dropping off her little fat black wiener dog for a sleepover with my little white bichons. They love to babysit him and give him lots of exercise. He has spent a lot of weekends with us lately and we are always glad to have him. They moved about 110 miles south of here 3 weeks ago so we weren't expecting him again so soon so it will be nice for all of us.

I live in a duplex and my mom lives on the other, bigger side. She is going to her own kind of camp this weekend-a craft retreat with some ladies from her church. So we will also have her dog...a 1/2 bichon, 1/2 cowdog (whatever that means) that I got her for Christmas. She is such a fun pup and just adores my dogs and loves to tease and play with the wiener dog! I'm glad to have the whole place to myself as I can do laundry late into the night and work on some projects in the basement without bothering my mom. She is planning on being back Sunday morning for church and then I think we are going to drive south about 75 miles to her hometown with her cousin to attend an arts and crafts fair and summer celebration. Looking forward to that.

Another old friend has just moved back to MT and also lives in the same town 110 miles away that my other friend just moved too. She put out the call for some fat girl summer clothes for a new job that she just started so I have several bags of clothes for her. It's good to know they are going to a good home and great to think I won't need them again. I'm hoping when she finishes her training she will join SP. I've been talking it up. She did one of those weekly meeting plans before leaving here for Oregon 2 years ago and put it all back on plus some and started smoking again to boot. So she has been interested in how it all works.

Got a great e-mail from my oldest dearest friend that she got her move from TX to Oregon all planned out and will be in Oregon the end of July and has rented a furnished cabin for August and September so will have time to either buy or begin building a new place. I am so thrilled she is leaving TX and will be closer to MT!! and glad she got all the arrangements handled. Was quite a chore as the costs were outrageous and her husband is no longer able to help with the heavy lifting.

So it feels like things are finally coming together for me and for my close friends FINALLY! We've been praying for each other to find the answers they are looking for and the ways and means to make it all happen. So it's going to be a great summer! And for the one day at a time I am expecting a great weekend.
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  • GIVEUP30
    emoticon it seem to be hard not to think of what could have been
    1490 days ago
    I share your attitude about vehicles and driving older models that are PAID FOR!!

    I just don't care about keeping up with the Joneses... It always amazes me how many people around are always "broke" and yet when you drive past their places, there's at least two fairly new vehicles (one of them a four wheel drive pickup with at least an extended cab), a boat, a four wheeler, a motorcycle or two (road bike and dirt bike), etc. Not to mention the horse trailer and camper or motorhome.

    Oops, wasn't supposed to rant...

    I hope you have a good weekend and get a lot accomplished.

    1756 days ago
  • ANDYGIRL1219
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1758 days ago
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