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Five methods that I use to beat the blahs !

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I have panic attacks I have ADD and I am an emotional eater . When I feel stressed or sad those three things go in to over drive. When ever I can I prefer to do things the natural way and not take medication so I am hypervigilant to do my best to avoid situations where I get like a scared rabbit or perhaps deer in the headlights mode ! So I thought I would share some of my tips that I use to keep myself on an even keel. they don't always work but most times they do !
1 Get enough sleep ! I know if I don't get enough sleep I am drousy in the mornings I dont get up on time and end up rushing. I dont do my meditation.walk my dog a good walk . eat a good breakfast and those things really help me to focus the whole day when I do them !
2.I took a class a while back on line.Heres the site Universal Class . its free if you can sign up through your local library , if they have that program
I took a class called Spiritual Counseling 101 that has helped me tons !
3.I write in a journal but for me I dont write bad memories or angry things I used to do that I have written in journals all my life but one day I was going through some old ones and read my complaints hehe I thought omg I am such a whiner ! lol I know it helps some people but for me it seems like it just brings back bad memories that I guess if I forgot them why rememeber them by writing them down loool if i really want to write angry things I write it on paper then burn it So its not hanging around messing with my karma !
4 The timer .My timer is my life saver ! In fact I am going to order a timer with a belt clip and a vibrating silent beeper ! I use it to time when I do my exercises , Time when I want a dessert . Time getting ready for work . Basically I just time EVERYTHING ! I feel its like my grounder , I dont have to think about oh I am running late or how much time left to have to exercise because I know its going to go off when time is done ! I also feel it helps me to get a handle on real time ! Say I want to do my housework and I look at my house and say Oh This is going to take me an hour to clean ! When I set my timer I have found most times it takes me 20 mins !
5 Make it fun you will get it done ! I am a huge kid at heart or maybe a little kid ! I invent games all the time .One I play with my son when we are doing a hike or just exercising at the same time called SIMON SAYS .We each take turns being Simon . Simon says do ten push ups . Simon says walk on the log !etc . I also play one called Crazy 8's . Crazy 8s is a game I made up to get in a few fitness minutes . 8 one minute challenges . Like run up and down the stairs 1 minute jog in place one minute and so forth !
I actually have more tips but my timer is going off now have to go ! emoticon
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