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Thursday, June 27, 2013

* Exploration/experimentation is good. It's good to break out of the norm. Good, bad, or indifferent, trying new things helps us grow. I found that fresh fruit on bran flakes and shredded wheat brings new life to those cereals. As a single Mom, I can't spring $3 to $5 for a small box of cereal, but when it comes to the off brands, there's very few choices. Adding raspberries or strawberries makes the cereal taste new again. I could probably do dried fruit too since that works with my oatmeal. Wondering what fresh fruit would taste like in my oatmeal? That might be saved for the next time I want to make oatmeal. My daughter has been wanting to try a bite too. Maybe I can convert her into a lover of healthier cereals by adding the sweetness of fruit. Also may try pairing up fruit with a fav of mine, cottage cheese. I love it and found out this is a low-fat, protein power house! Maybe I will be tempted to eat it more often if I can spruce it up. I know pineapple is the big one but not a huge fan of that fruit, but maybe strawberries, grapes, apple. I'm also on a grated carrot experiment since I love it on salads, but hate not getting through that bag. I've already tried it in egg dishes and tried it on a turkey sandwich with cut up cherub tomatoes and lettuce and the only thing I would change is I think these packed sandwiches I'm experimenting with where I do at least 4 leaves of lettuce, grated carrots, etc would work better as wraps. Good thing I have tortillas!

* Emotional/binge eating is not something I'm going to conquer over night. However, I have found having better strategies help. I have found eating fun sized candy bars does less damage than hitting a vending machine and eating the full sized ones. Not denying myself any foods though makes me less likely to eat them and cuts down the frequency of the binges.

* Learning that protein is pretty important for the diet if I don't want to overeat from hunger. While fruits and veggies uptake is reducing my overall calorie intake and sodium, by themselves are not enough to fill me up. However finding protein that I like that is not going to blow up my fat intake has been challenging and I love variety. I bought some fish to experiment with that and hoping to find some other things that I can eat to help in that department.

* Every little thing counts and helps. My pedometer is showing me that. I have to work twice as hard working from home in my small home to get steps on my pedometer. However, at work where I park on the 4th floor on the other side of the parking ramp, take the elevator to the 3rd floor ( I have a wheeled case due to back/neck issues) then across the ramp to get to our building and then walk across all the way to the other side to get my desk and everything I need to get to is a trek, I can easily get 6,000 or more steps a day.

* Working out is easier when it's fun!

* The destination is unimportant until arrival. What matters is the journey and how I arrive. Before it was such a source of frustration watching the scale be so...heartless that I was missing out on NSVs (or non scale victories as we call them). Well, I could do a fad diet, get excited about getting their fast and losing a ton of weight but not learned a thing, then lay down and take a nap like the bunny only to lose the race....long-term. I'd rather be the turtle who moves slow and calculated knowing there is a destination, but more concerned on the journey and the next step that is needed trusting he will get there, but it doesn't matter as much if say...he gets picked off for food so the immediate is more of concern. If he needs to hole up in his shell, so be it. If he has to find somewhere to sleep because he didn't make it there that night, so be it. I keep telling myself, "I'm the turtle. I'm the turtle."

* Finally, enjoy the journey. This awakening. In this respect, I AM a caterpillar going into a cocoon and change is happening and when it's done, I'm going to emerge a beautiful butterfly. Does the caterpillar cry over the chrysalis process? No...he's confident something amazing is going to happen and does what he needs to do before during and after this transition. I need to be the same way. I'm starting to leave the caterpillar stage and heading towards the formation of my chrysalis where amazing changes are going and probably already starting to take place and I'm getting a little excited because I know I'm going to come out a beautiful butterfly! I just have to never lose faith in the process and have fun with it. Missteps will be made. At times I will escape what I think is certain danger or fall into traps like the turtle, the caterpillar, and the butterfly. What happens during those times will ultimately determine if I come out victorious or someone else's dinner. It's all about survival now. It's all about my life and want kind of life do I want quality wise. What kind of legacy do I want to leave behind for my daughter? It's no longer an image of how I want to look but a sense of being.

Someone told me to do an image board and I think I'm ready to do that now. Before, not so much, my vision was distorted, but now it's clearer and I think I'm going to have my daughter help me! I think it will be a fun Mommy and daughter experience. So how about you? What have you learned on your SparkPeople journey?
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  • SKATER787
    Some of strategy you might want to consider: Set dining table for stand up and eat. No sitting down. At work, never sit more than 1/2 hr. Stand up for a minute or two. Actually every 15 minute will be even better. Fat burning enzymes shut down after sitting for 15 minutes. They say that long sitting is just as bad as smoking.
    1770 days ago
    Good thinking, you seem really ready to make some lasting changes.
    1786 days ago
  • ANGELN325
    Thank you for sharing and the encouragement. You guys are the best!
    1787 days ago
  • SKATER787
    When I first moved into my apartment, I wanted the paid parking spot to be closer but I couldn't get it. It turns out to be one of the best things for me. That 100 yard twice a day (I come home for lunch) racked up the steps for me nicely. Where you park can make a huge difference in your health. Always park far away when you go shopping. It'll be a great lesson for your daughter too. Good luck.
    1787 days ago
    You ROCK. This was a terrific blog - acknowledging all the ways you've grown and continue to grow! One of the things I love about SparkPeople is that the folks here have the courage to make changes in their lives, to bring them closer to the best version of themselves. You are making it HAPPEN!
    1787 days ago
    Thanks for such an in depth write up and I think I have learned that accepting the situation make it easier for me to change what I can. By the way Blueberries taste great on oatmeal (fresh or frozen) and your DD may like them too. Also try to buy those cereals when they are on sale, I refuse to pay $5.00 for a cereal.
    emoticon emoticon
    1787 days ago
    Wow, how insightful and well spoken. You have done a tremendous job really looking at your journey. I am not so insightful, but learn a lot by reading others thoughts. Thanks so much for sharing.
    1788 days ago
    I think one of the biggest things I've learned on my own journey is not to sweat the small stuff and that there are bound to be slips ups but I won't beat myself up over those times.

    Good luck on your image board.. How awesome to make it a mother/daughter experience.

    Hugs, Donna
    1788 days ago
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