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club chat, June 27

Thursday, June 27, 2013

We met this morning instead of yesterday morning as several of the members had other appointments and things to do yesterday and requested the change for this week. That was fine with me, as I stress to them that the weigh in once a week is a vital part of their weight loss regime.

As a clube, we lost 16.5 pounds! We are very proud of ourselves yet again for a no gain meeting! Yay!
Of that 16.5 pounds, I lost 2.5! I was very happy! emoticon

Our discussions today centered on changes in our environment and lifestyles. What changes can we make to help us lose weight? What do we need to do to make those changes? What change can we make when we are hit with cravings?What changes can we make in the pantry/fridge and with the types of foods we eat? and on the list goes....

The first step in changing is to know yourself and where you are in this process within your life. Change can be real hard, harder for some than for others.You need a solid plan to effect the change and you need a good support system to help you along.

We wrote down changes we could make in our lives. Everyone had different things written down, from changing the contents of the fridge around to listing things they could do rather than give in to a craving.

I have made most of the changing in my own lifestyle over the years, starting when I became diabetic. Some of you will remember the biggest change that I made just last year, and that was to go wheat free, which I still am today. One of the best things I ever did, though it is a more expensive lifestyle. It is not for everyone, but it certainly works for me.

Other things I have done in the past.....refused to buy oils or salad dressings as they are all empty calories. I changed from regular margerine or butter and have used Becel for the last 7 years. I very rarely use salt or canned goods.

I count calories, and journal all my foods ( I used to use pen and paper, finding SP made this job so much easier!)I cleaned junk foods and processed/ prepackaged foods out of my pantry, fridge and freezer and now never buy them. I exercise as much as I can without pain. I drink water when a craving comes on. I am mindful of all factors in my life that would make me break my food regime. I am sure there is lots more that are not coming to mind at the moment...

All these are not easy to most people. And it ihas taken me years to retrain some of those habits for the better. You just start with one thing, and work on that until you have succeeded in the permanent change, before you tackle another one.

Sometimes is the people around you, that hinder your diet efforts the most. That makes it more difficult. You can not expect others to change.

You have to make the change. Some people may not like it.

Whether you realize it or not...the road we are all on is a selfish one. WE are the ones that it matters about. Our health is what it is all about. no one else can do this for us. Our choices affect our bodies, bottom line.

In six months, we are going to look atour lists again and see which we have done and which still need work. We are all a work in progress....nothing happens overnight

Have a good day
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Ima emoticon yes, I kept the lists for them, as that is what they preferred so they wouldn't disappear.

    I also have everyones first measurements which we review and update every 6 months. That make s it much easier for them to see progress when they may not be making great strides in their weight goals.

    All things help to keep the spirits up, motivation flowing among the members.
    We have a few other lists as well, that we refer to when spirits are low...one being added to whenever the members have discovered they can do something or wear something once again.

    for instance, One of our bigger people was thrilled recently because they could bend over to do up their shoes once again, instead of wearing slip on loafers, slippers or flip flops.. Another rejoiced at getting back into their favorite pair of shorts this summer, making their body 3 sizes smaller than last summer. emoticon

    There are some things we forget when this journey is so long. We also have lists of how we felt when we started our weight loss efforts. We review these on the "anniversary day " of when that person joined the club. The person adds on the year and how they are feeling about their bodies and theirselves now. This has produced some very emotional times in our group as most of us felt unloved and with poor self esteem when we started out

    god bless
    1789 days ago
    I have read this Blog several times since you posted it, Bear, & find it interesting. I have thought about my own list & want to write it out to save for a year from now to see how far I have progressed with the issues listed.

    I wonder - did you keep the lists or did the group members take their lists home with them? I like the idea of your keeping them - there is a tendency for some folks to misplace such things.

    My list will be left in a folder on the computer & then I will slip a handwritten one in a book that I like to review from time to time. I think having the list where I run across it (whether I reread it each time or not) from time to time, will be a good visual for me to keep working on whatever ends up on the list.

    With the success of my program, I tended to let go of some of the "rules" I used to help me along the path. I haven't done badly without them; however, I am now considering taking up those helpful tools once more - just because they were so very helpful &, actually, I miss them - as the safety net, of sorts, that they were. I am still pondering & praying about just what I should do on that score.

    Again, emoticon , for sharing the meeting with us.

    God bless!
    1789 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/30/2013 5:27:55 PM
    1791 days ago
    OK, BEar, now that I went back and checked out your SP page, I understand why yours is a much better TOPS group. I had heard of them oinking, fortunately I never did experience it... how hurtful... emoticon
    1791 days ago
    Dsbride! Yes I too remember some horrible things. The first group I belonged to when I was around 24, they would all oink at you as you stood on the scale with a gain! I did not last long with that group as they made me feel even worse than i did on my own!

    What finished me was going home after one particularily bad oinking session and sitting down to eat a whole large watermelon! I had never done that type of thing before that time nor after that time. I stopped dead and asked myself why I was doing that and I quit that very night.

    I did not go back for until I was 36. I knew I had to do something, and I spotted an ad for TOPS and the leader was my old sunday school teacher. I thought, There was no way she would lead something so humiliating so I phoned her and asked her a few questions.
    After everything was asked and answered to my satisfaction, I asked her how much.

    When she told me, I said I guess this is what God intends me to do because I had counted the money I had in change in a jar and made a deal with myself and God that if this was what I was supposed to do there would be enough....

    there was enough
    1792 days ago
    Its every leaders choice, how they lead their group. All TOPS meetings are a reflection of their leader in my opinion. There is a set order of how the meeting progresses, but the length of time spent on each part is up to the leader and the more importantly, the body of the group itself.

    Some leaders opt for short or no discussions, other leaders like groups that have an hour of exercise together, and still others enjoy a meeting fulll of games and challenges.

    My group likes indepth discussion\ participation. We rarely do games or challenges because we prefer to spend our meeting time discussing things that enlighten us, help us, so on ect.

    My group calls me their fearless leader as I will go into any subject and bring it to the floor. For instance, several of my members are diabetic, including myself. Sometimes diabetics emit a terrible odor, and there is nothing they can do about it. Some people get offended by it as well.

    I brought it to the floor and talked about it, very matter of fact and Graeme whom had never said a thing about this before,;Thanked me for bring ing it up to talk about because he was having that problem himself. His wife was really having problems with the odor and he said, I would take a zillion showers during the day to get rid of it...except it wouldnt go away.

    I told him the things he could do.. foods to avoid, trying to keep the stress level down, watching his insulin use and so on.

    Now, he is a happier guy, and his wife is happier too. They know what causes the problem and how to deal with it.

    Graeme never wants me to change lol

    But this is also the reason my group split off from another group. There were several that wanted more than just sitting around gossiping while waiting for the weigh in to be done (took a long time in a very large group) and then putting markers or whatever in the token game of the minute, then closing the meeting after a 5 minute talk..the whole process taking two or more hours

    My group, we weigh in in 10 minutes maximum, cover business in usually less than 5 minutes, a few minutes on a paper of my discussion choice and spend an hour, give or take, on discussionto do with my choice of subjectss. We learn a lot and we are happy!

    The choice of subjects could be about anything I feel like.I watch my group carefully and if I see something that may help one person along, then that is the subject for the following week. I do not spotlight anyone in the discussions. They can bring the subject to be about them if they choose and want to discuss it that way.We all particpate and care about each other, like a family.

    I do mention Graeme often...because he is a guy....there are not any other men in TOPS in the area I live in. It sometimes gives a different perspective than a womans point of view. After all, men are different than women! I like to be fair to everyone, and it does help some of the women in my group to hear how the men feel about some of the stuff we talk about.
    1792 days ago
    My Aunt used to belong to a Tops group years ago. I remember her telling us there was a pig mask and anyone who gained the most weight for the week had to wear it the whole meeting. How humiliating!! It stuck with me all these years and kept me from seeking group help. With the Internet, I have distant myself from those people that do not support me and surrounded myself with only encouraging people. This journey is hard enough and my low self esteem would force me to give up if it were not for the support I get here. You are such a good leader and I have learned so much from you. I enjoy hearing about your meetings and wish I could attend in person! Thank you for sharing!
    1792 days ago

    wow, sounds like you Tops group is very serious, I don't remember them doing anything like that when I went many years ago.
    1792 days ago
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