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Thursday, June 27, 2013

I called in sick yesterday and ended up with four days off. The first two were spent in some quality friend time and getting to meet one of my favorite authors of all time, Neil Gaiman. That ws fun! The past two days, however, I've spent in complete seclusion. Seriously - the only time I left my room was to eat and use the bathroom. And you know what? I needed that for some reason. Part of it was because on Friday I woke up with a patch of shingles so close to my eye it was affecting my vision and my tear duct. Super annoying and painful and EXPENSIVE. That just bummed me out enough that I didn't even want to leave the house, plus the medication for it makes me super dizzy and out of it, so no driving for me. Oh well - who knew that staying home and watching kung fu movies for two days could be therapeutic?

Anywho, I was shocked to get on the scale this morning to see I've hit an all time low of 185.8 pounds. Absolutely shocked! For one, yesterday was the first day since my last blog I stayed in range on food. Sunday I gorged on Tex-Mex that left me feeling positively gross, and Monday night I unwittingly read the nutrition facts wrong and ate a 500 calorie slice of cheese cake... after eating Jack In The Box. :X After those two days I felt so gross! Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed home and ate food around the house, which is probably the first two days in weeks that I've refrained from "eating out" of any kind. That's definitely got me to rethinking exactly how I'm getting my calories and what I can do food-wise to speed up my weight loss.

Some day this week I plan to do a cleanse of the fridge and the pantry to get rid of old and unappealing stuff, so I can make way for a good trip to the grocery store (I slack off more and more on that front. : \ ).

In other news I still haven't started studying for the big certification exam I have on July 18th. I really need to get my butt in gear on this one! But of course, as often happens with me, the moment I'm supposed to hunker down and do something serious, my brain decides it would rather do other things. Let's just say that yesterday was the first time in YEARS I've made actual progress on my "novel" project, and I know it's because I should have been studying instead! Hopefully I can get myself revved up and on top of it, but like with fitness I know I will never be able to force myself to do something when I'm not ready or willing to do it. Hopefully my subconscious or whatever knows what it's doing.

Hopefully this will be a good work week for me (I'm off to a good start with starting a day late) with less stress than last week, and making some serious progress on the weight loss front. It's about time that I sit and rethink a lot of the things I'm doing in my life, both my fitness/weight loss thing, financial distributions, and of course that test. With any luck this will be the week I make definitive decisions in progress in all those aspects. Seeing that shock on the scale this morning has me motivated to say hello to the 170s as soon as possible!

Well I don't have much time before I have to head in to work, so I'm going to read as many blogs as possible - I always read them, even if I can't comment! - and will do my best to spend more time on Spark! Hope everyone is having a great day and gearing up for a great weekend!
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    Sorry to hear about your shingles. I had them once, several years ago, right behind my left ear and they hurt like all heck! The good news is they tend to clear up pretty quickly with meds. The bad news is, that once you get them, you are susceptible to them for your entire life! I haven't had a recurrence though, yet, knock on wood. And no, they are definitely not just for old people, lol! I was only in my early 20s when I got them.

    Congrats on hitting a new low weight! That is super awesome. It's weird how sometimes unhealthy foods can trigger weight loss in our bodies, isn't it? Maybe the metabolism gets revved up? Who knows? Just enjoy it, even if you can't understand it!

    I am totally the same as you when I have something important to do that I'd really rather not do. I'm a total procrastinator, but get so many other things done, lol!

    Hope you have a good, low stress work week!
    1816 days ago
    Glad to see you blogging again! I'ma be a total ass here and say this: I thought only old people got the shingles :X

    Yup, I'm an ass! (Though, if it's any comfort, I think we established that I'm like... way older than you XD)

    I hope that crap clears up quickly!

    WTG on the new scale low. Sometimes our bodies to wacky things, huh? I want some cheesecake.... :X I think I remember reading some really bizzare recipie on how to make cheesecake with lowfat cottage cheese and powdered coffee creamer. It's so weird and fake...!

    If you decide you want to celebrate when you hit the 170s, come visit me and we'll go shopping again! I always try to jam myself into a smaller size of pants whether or not I've lost anything between shopping trips. lololol
    1817 days ago
  • PDAN04
    One day at a time.
    1817 days ago
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